Everything to Know About the Sprite Motion Sensor Media Player!

As everybody knows, we love digital decoration displays that are BIG. Big ideas. Big effects. Big smiles. And big scares, too. But there’s one small thing we also love that makes just about every digital decoration display bigger. And better!

We’re talking about the Sprite Motion Sensor Media Player. We’ve partnered with the experts at MedeaWiz to offer this sneaky-small way to store and play AtmosFX Digital Decorations. And the seamlessly compatible motion sensor makes triggering those digital decorations easy!

What is the Sprite Media Player?

First, we’ll start with the basics: What exactly is a media player? Quite simply, it’s a powerful handheld device that can play videos stored on an SD card or USB drive. Every AtmosFX digital download in your personal library can be copied to a storage device (that is, an SD card or USB drive), plugged into the media player, and then easily played in high definition on your TV, projector, or other display device.

Plus the updated Sprite Motion Sensor Media Player now also comes with 8 classic AtmosFX startle scares on a USB key as well to help you get started! 

The Sprite is not simply a convenient media player solution. It also features the amazing motion sensor capability, which creates new possibilities to delight or give fright to neighbors and guests with triggered decoration playback. It’s great for startling your Halloween visitors or simply pausing your decorations until your next guest approaches. Please keep in mind, the motion sensor is an accessory for the media player, and both components are required to create the effect. 

Setting up the motion sensor is easy — follow the steps below to create these effects for yourself!

Beginning in Fall of 2021, the Sprite Media Player now has the ability to trigger multiple decorations. Previously, the Sprite could only trigger one decoration.

If you bought your Sprite before Fall of 2021, you can use this feature too! You'll just need to install the newest firmware update. 

Here's a direct download link to the newest firmware:


To find instructions on how to install the firmware, click here to open the Sprite User Manual and go to page 9 for help

Which Decorations Work Best with the Motion Sensor?

First things first: All AtmosFX Digital Decorations can be played on the Sprite Media Player with Motion Sensor. Similarly, All AtmosFX Digital Decorations can be triggered by the motion sensor. That said, we know many of you like to use the motion sensor in conjunction with startle scare scenes. 

Startle scare decorations are perfect for the motion sensor, because they feature sudden and dramatic appearances or transformations. For example in UnLiving Portraits the paintings suddenly turn ferocious. Or, in Bone Chillers 2, scary skeletons jump into frame. Click here for a complete list of startle scare decorations from our catalog.

But, as we mentioned above, Sprite Media Player with Motion Sensor is great for more than just startle scares — you can use it to trigger any digital decoration, scary or playful. For instance, the motion sensor could trigger the Ghost Pirate from Ghostly Apparitions 3 to begin his slow descent into Davy Jones’s Locker. Or, on a merrier note, the motion sensor could trigger the Night Before Christmas Digital Decoration to make Santa appear just as the kids come downstairs on Christmas morning. The motion sensor adds an entirely new element of fun to your displays.

Buffer Files and How to Find Them

The Sprite’s motion sensor feature is specifically designed for decorations with “buffer files,” which are short video loops designed to match the beginning and end of your decoration. The buffer file is loaded and plays on seamless repeat until the motion sensor is triggered, causing the decoration to playback without missing a beat.

All AtmosFX Digital Decoration Collections include buffer files, which will always have the word “buffer” in the file name. If you’ve misplaced some files from a past purchase, you can locate your decoration download links any time by logging into your registered AtmosFX.com account. Every order you place under your email address will be listed in the account history page along with a convenient download link. You’re always welcome to contact the support team if you still need some help locating your buffer files.

Now it’s time to learn how the magic trick is performed. Here are some easy steps to set up your own motion sensor enhanced decorations.

Step 1: Prepare your Decorations

The Sprite Media Player’s motion sensor trigger is programmed to respond to specific files based on their filename. Setting up your motion sensor starts with copying the video files to your storage device and then renaming them properly.

First, copy both the buffer file and the decoration video to your USB stick or SD card. Then, rename the buffer file to “000.mp4”, and rename the decoration file to “001.mp4”. (If file extension names are hidden on your computer, then you will just rename the files to “000” and 001”.) If you're triggering multiple decorations, they will all use the same buffer file. You can name the extra decorations “001.mp4”, “002.mp4”, “003.mp4”, etc. 

Once you’ve loaded the files onto your storage device, connect the storage device to your Sprite player.

Step 2: Place your Motion Sensor

Effective placement of the motion sensor is equal parts strategy and artistry. The motion sensor is triggered whenever a person or object enters the sensor path. If your guest is standing in the sensor path when the decoration finishes, it will start playing again instead of pausing and waiting for a new trigger to occur. If you are playing a short decoration (like a startle scare), you may want to place the sensor in a spot where it can only be triggered once to ensure that the surprise won’t be spoiled for the next set of visitors.

Consider your other decorating props in your display when placing the motion sensor. You may be able to hide the sensor under a table holding your candy bowl, or on the other side of a decorative tombstone.

Step 3: Connect your Media Player

Use an HDMI cable or other compatible video connection with your Sprite Media Player to connect it to your projector or TV. Next, connect your motion sensor to the port on the media player labeled “I/O.” Finally, connect the included power cable to the media player, and turn it on. Once turned on, the Sprite will automatically detect your decorations and begin the motion sensor playback.

Step 4: Trigger the Sensor

Once a person moves within range of the sensor, the media player will trigger the decoration to play. As soon as the decoration has played entirely, it will loop back to the buffer file. If you experience any glitches in the image between the video files, you may need to adjust your “Video Output” settings. Different display devices may require different settings, but most devices will work best with either “HDMI_1080P-50HZ” or “HDMI_1080P-60HZ.”

The Sprite offers multiple video output options for use with a wide variety of devices

Step 5: Final Adjustments

Once you’re all set, test out the motion sensor. Try triggering it from different directions and distances, imagining how your audience may interact with your display. You may need to adjust the height and angle of your motion sensor to perfect the effect.

Now you’re ready to create some motion-triggered displays! Create startle scares or sweet scenes, play pranks on your housemate, or turn the sensor into a family game where you all try to move veeerry slowly. We can’t wait to see what our community of creative decorating enthusiasts come up with, so send us video links of your startle scares, pranks, and how-tos via our AtmosFAN of the Week submission form! If you need help or want to find more information about the Sprite Media Player with Motion Sensor, visit us at AtmosFX.com/support.

And one last thing: The Sprite Media Player doesn’t just play AtmosFX digital files. It also plays music, movies and photos – making it a handy device even when you’re not projecting the newest AtmosFX Digital Decorations. But, this time of year, why would you want to do that?!

To order the Sprite Media Player with Motion Sensor, click here now!

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