AtmosFAN Transforms California Garage into Creepy Crypt

Don't look now, but it is nearly the end of August and that means there are only two months before Halloween For us, there is almost nothing better than spending these couple of months tinkering with our displays and figuring out ways to make them even better.

This week, we take you to Fairfield, California, where Karlton Bagby has been working on his display for the past four or five years. 

Karlton has stitched together five videos from his display largely built around his garage and driveway. Particularly in the second and third snippets (0:25 and 0:43), you can see the entire spread, complete with skeletons (made from medium-density fiberboard) rising from his driveway. As for the centerpiece in the back, Karlton says he switches alternates rear-projecting Witching Hour and Phantasms digital decorations.

Karlton makes good use of the other windows, as well including Bone Chillers and Jack-O'-Lantern Jamboree.

Typically, Karlton will start work in July of each year prepping for the upcoming Halloween so he's already hard at work creating a skeleton horse-drawn hearse to add to his display. We look forward to seeing that!

Karlton says he's only one of a few people who decorate for Halloween in his neighborhood though they all tell him they love it. "The kids have a blast visiting on Halloween,” he says. "One kid after he finished his trick or treating went back home and brought his parents back to the house to see the decorations. That’s why I do it — to see the smiles on the kid’s faces."


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