Great Ways to Display ‘Turkey Tomfoolery’

Who among us is looking for another thing to add to the To-Do List during the busy Thanksgiving week? We didn’t think so. So, let’s at least make the decorating part easy – and entertaining.

Once November arrives, Chris H., of Roslindale, Mass., transitions his Halloween display into a crowd-pleasing Thanksgiving display by leaving up his Window Projection Material in the doorway and projecting Turkey Tomfoolery Decoration onto it. Read about it here in the AtmosFAN Hall of Fame.

We’re talking about AtmosFX’s Thanksgiving-themed decoration, Turkey Tomfoolery. This playful decoration follows the lighthearted antics of Tom, the holiday turkey who has his own ideas on how to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday at your home. Turkey is not just for dinner anymore!

Not only does it set a joyful mood the holiday season, it is also a whiz to set up – giving you more time to focus elsewhere. Heck! Turkey Tomfoolery might allow you to cross one more thing off your list: Keeping the young ones busy while the adults enjoy the festivities!

How can you display Turkey Tomfoolery Decoration in ways that are both easy and festive? With its multiple display modes, you can display it in your window, on your walls, on the TV – or even AtmosFX Decorating Disc XL. Let us show you how!

Greet Guests Like Never Before

When you have out-of-town guests or family visiting for Thanksgiving, you want to make them feel welcome. And what better way to do so than by displaying that welcome, big and bold, in your front window just as they arrive! It’s easy. Simply place AtmosFX Window Projection Material across the window and project Tukey Tomfoolery onto it. As your guests arrive, they’ll be greeted by a playful animated turkey.

If you want to make an even bigger impression, you can take your projector outside and display Turkey Tomfoolery as a surface projection. Any wall or large surface will work, but typically the garage door is the perfect place to broadcast your “welcome” as your visitors pull up. And, of course, before and after they arrive, make sure to keep displaying the decoration – it is a great way to share your Thanksgiving spirit with your neighbors, too.

Another great way to use your window to welcome guests, especially if you don’t want to cover it entirely, is to hang an AtmosFX Decorating Disc XL in the window. This lightweight circular projection screen will display Turkey Tomfoolery for all to see. For those in the neighborhood, it turns a portion of your window into a dynamic decoration. And of course, because it is portable, you can move it anywhere you wish to display Tom the Turkey and his antics. Consider hanging it in the corner of a room where people will congregate as a way to add some simple-yet-dynamic flair.

Decorate (and Entertain) Effortlessly

We’ve talked about ways to welcome your guests – but Turkey Tomfoolery is also a great way to decorate around the house, too. And given that decorating with AtmosFX Decorations can be as simple as turning on a projector, that’s a big help during the busy week.

For instance, once your guests arrive, move your projector from the driveway and bring it indoors. Any interior wall can be a great place to showcase Turkey Tomfoolery. That might be where the kids congregate, or perhaps in the living room or family room. And if you add AtmosFX’s Balloon Parade: Thanksgiving and Happy Thanksgiving, you’ll have more Thanksgiving-themed decorations to display.

Speaking of where the kids congregate, remember that you can also display Turkey Tomfoolery on any TV, tablet or computer monitor. Put the decoration on loop, and you’ll keep the youngsters entertained for a while. Parents and grandparents, too!

In the end, the places where Turkey Tomfoolery can enhance your holiday entertaining are as numerous as the side-dishes at the Thanksgiving table. Make sure it brings a little joy to your family and friends this Thanksgiving holiday!

How do you use the Turkey Tomfoolery Decoration? Show us by sending your photos and videos using this easy submission form!

How do others use ‘Turkey Tomfoolery’ to decorate for Thanksgiving? Check it out here!

Bodene Ivy said it took just 10 minutes to set up and project Turkey Tomfoolery Decoration in the window of her Palm Springs, Calif., home, much to the delight of her Thanksgiving visitors.

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