AtmosFAN’s Halloween Home Transitions to T-Day

What’s better than a rocking, full-blown, crowd-pleasing Halloween display? How about one that fluidly transitions into a rocking, full-blown, crowd-pleasing Thanksgiving display? That’s what you’ll get at the Roslindale, Mass., home of Chris H. – he and his family certainly know how to make the most of the season!

We’ll start with Halloween, because that’s where it all begins. Dubbed “Haunting on Albano,” Chris does an amazing job packing his home with so much to see – lights, color, fog, props, animatronics, AtmosFX Decorations and more. The pumpkin archway at the front of the house is a spectacular focal point.

Each time we watch this video, we find more detail to discover – we can only imagine how the approximately 500 visitors feel when they enter Haunting on Albano. “People walk by everyday in October as we put up all the decorations,” Chris tells us. “It usually doesn’t all come together till the day or two before.”

Of course, we are always curious to see how AtmosFANs use AtmosFX Decorations in their display – and Chris does it all well. He’s got five projectors running at the same time – his Hollusion Mode display of the Headless Horseman from Legends of Halloween Decoration Collection looks great, as does the nearby 3DFX Form display of Madam Zulta from Halloween Hosts Decoration Collection.

And for those wondering how great a Doorway Mode projection can look, Chris’ projection of the Slender Specter (from Ghostly Apparitions 2 Decoration Collection) is simply perfect. “Everyone loves the front door projection,” he says.

As great as everything is, here’s something we love about Chris’ Halloween display: When November comes around, he and his family simply transition to Thanksgiving. “Our house isn’t as crazy for Thanksgiving as Halloween,” he says, “but people love the digital decorations.”

Clearly, there’s not as much going on as there was for Halloween, but Chris is able to reuse the arch to create another compelling way to welcome guests to their home. And in the case of his doorway and second-floor window, he left up the Window Projection Material and started projecting Balloon Parade: Thanksgiving and Turkey Tomfoolery decorations.

Just as was the case for Halloween, Chris says the Doorway Mode projection is a hit with the neighbors. “Everyone loves watching the silly Turkey on our door,” he says.

How did you decorate this past Halloween? How are you decorating for Thanksgiving? We want to see it all! Send us your photos and videos and you may be the next AtmosFAN of the Week. You’ll earn Kudos for use at AtmosFX for just submitting, and you will receive a free decoration collection if you are selected! Click here to submit your display now!

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