Halloween Prop Builder Raises Funds for UK Charity

It is AtmosFAN of the Week time again and we’re crossing the Atlantic Ocean for our next honoree, Mark Randle. We’re struck by several of Mark’s handmade props, particularly his DIY projection box. The projection box is something we think is eminently important as, not only does it camouflage the projector, but it also protects the device from the October weather, too. That protection certainly comes in handy in the cool, rainy climate of Poole Dorset, right on the English Channel in the UK.

There are countless design plans on the internet for the projection box – just search away. Mark is also inspired by numerous Halloween users groups, like Monsterguts Forum and the Crazy About Halloween Facebook Group.

Mark says he's a relative newbie when it comes to creating Halloween props as he has only been creating them for a little more than a year. He got his start creating props for a Halloween haunt which he uses to raise money for the Lexi May Trust, which works with children who are terminally ill or have life-changing illnesses.

Mark is the second AtmosFAN of the Week from the same region who is using his love for Halloween to support important charitable work. (You can read about Colin and Fiona Isaacs here.)

He also builds a ton of other props too, mostly out parts he finds on eBay, like pneumatics, masks, fabrics, motors and Arduino Uno controllers. Once he assembles (or re-assembles them into his own unique creations), he posts them on his YouTube Channel to inspire others. 

This is impressive stuff, Mark – never mind that you've only been doing it for slightly more than a year! And the fact that your works goes towards kids in need, that's best of all!


Halloween is coming, and we want to see your amazing displays! Send your photos and YouTube links to community@atmosfx.com and you could be the next AtmosFAN of the Week! If so, we’ll send you something back in return!

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