We Fed Our New Employees a LOT of Sugar — Here's What Happened Pt. 1

As our regular readers know, we here at AtmosFX enjoy trying new things — especially snacks. This month, we sampled the new m&m flavors: Crunchy Raspberry, Crunchy Espresso Crunch, and Crunchy Mint. our previous taste-tests have made some of the regular AtmosFX employees a little skittish. However, as we are heading into Halloween season, we have three new customer service reps so we decided using them as guinea pigs would be the ideal initiation into our celebratory company culture.

Here we see Keith, Rhias, and Aubrey approaching bravely but, with some apparent doubt.

They decided to start with the Crunchy Raspberry. Keith called it, "interesting" and then went quiet for a long time (perhaps rethinking his career decisions). Rhias (seen below with a kiss projection on her face for reasons we can't disclose at this time) called the Crunchy Raspberry, "a light chew" that she immediately regretted. Aubrey was more enthusiastic and said that the filling reminded her of the jelly that comes in chocolate samplers. 

True to the team spirit of AtmosFX, we decided we should also have some of the more veteran palates taste. Our customer support manager, Daniel (seen below) backed up his team by saying the Crunchy Espresso reminded him of "Easter candy chocolate that starts with the aftertaste" and ended with a texture he, "didn't love."

Texture aside, Daniel did find the Espresso Crunch stimulating —at least he looks very awake after eating a few. 

He felt Crunchy Raspberry was "artificial flavor city," and summed up the Crunchy Mint as "not so bad as there is barely any chocolate." To be fair, Daniel is bizarrely opposed to combining the flavors of chocolate and mint. We try not to talk about it. 

Aubrey was, "not a fan" of the Crunchy Espresso either but she, "likes a little coffee in her sugar." She pronounced the Crunchy Mint, "reminiscent of Andes Mints from a glass jar on the counter of a mid-sized eatery in the northern midwest."

One of the artists (Patrick) escaped the garret and got into the Crunchy Raspberry when nobody was looking. "It tastes like dust!" he managed to shout before our production manager, Lorisa, chased him back to work. She stayed to offer the rebuttal, "it tastes all right." Aww snap, Patrick. You got schooled!

As for the Espresso Crunch, she lapsed momentarily non-linguistic and muttered, "Ooh. Ahh. Bleh." Interpret that as you will.

Unable to resist any further, our newly promoted director of marketing, Mike, ordered up his own tasting flight of the new m&ms, and appeared increasingly pleased (seen below).

He opened with the Raspberry Crunch, "You know what this smells like?" Well, we've all fallen for that too many times so no one let him finish. After that, he found the Mint Crunch to be "like a trip to the dentist office with that pink gel they use to mold your teeth." He and our Community Manager (Jen — not pictured for security reasons) both had the same thing to say about the Espresso Crunch, "yeah, I guess that tastes like coffee."

Think we are tasteless monsters? Want to share your own m&m reactions? Post them in the comments below and/or share your reaction with #VoteCrunchyMint. 

Stick around on our blog for part two of this tasting where we examine the statement, "Everybody Loves Frostie Since 1939." We'll be feeding our intrepid staff five flavors of Frostie soda including the rare, Cherry Limeade!


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