How to Make Birthday Parties Even More Memorable

Question: What extremely important holiday falls on different days for different people?

Answer: Birthdays, of course.

We love birthdays. The way we see it, for just about every individual – and certainly for every child – birthdays are one of the biggest holidays of the year. So why not celebrate like it? AtmosFX Digital Decorations can help you celebrate birthdays in dynamic ways that your child will never forget.

Announce Your Party to All

For many, Celebrations Party Time is the go-to digital decoration for celebrating birthdays. We can see why – with its festive assortment of balloons, streamers, fireworks (and more), it is an easy way to bring the fun any time of year. Certainly, we've seen the digital decoration used on a TV or a wall during a party to create a cheerful (and less messy!) atmosphere.

But you're not limited to just that. Why not go big and project onto the windows for all your partygoers to see? (They'll never wonder where the party is at!) Or, if a party will take place at night, a projector would allow you to project Celebrations Party Time on the entire house, announcing to the neighborhood that someone very special, young or old, is having a big day.

Dynamically Build on a Party Theme

But you shouldn't limit yourself to just Celebrations Party Time when digitally decorating for a party. Many parties have a theme – particularly kids' parties – and the variety of AtmosFX Digital Decorations might help you take your party prep to the next level.

For instance, dinosaur-themed birthday parties are wildly popular for children. Using the Dinosaur Encounter digital decoration, you can make it appear as though living dinosaurs are attending the party. We love how one AtmosFan projected Dinosaur Encounter into his house, bringing joy to the children on the inside.

For sports-themed parties, Football Fanfare Game Day is a good option, whether projected onto a wall or window, or simply played on the TV set. The playful "Boneyard Band" scene from Bone Chillers is another digital decoration that is more than just for Halloween – it can liven up any party, any time of year.

As with other holidays, there really is no limit as to where you can deploy AtmosFX Digital Decorations for your party. Projected onto a window, it can also proclaim festivities inside; Projected on an interior wall or on a TV, it makes for a one-of-a-kind dynamic party decoration. No matter how you use them, be certain it will create an atmosphere that your child will never forget!


Have you celebrated a birthday party with AtmosFX Digital Decorations? If so, we want to see how you did it! Send photos and YouTube links of your party to


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