Great Ways to Display ‘Crypt of Creeps’

The Spooky Season is approaching fast, and clearly Halloween fans are getting ready. How can we tell? Perhaps it’s the restless corpses, spirits and skeletons that have begun stirring in AtmosFX’s first decoration of the 2023 Halloween season, Crypt of Creeps.

Through this exquisitely detailed and atmospheric decoration, you’ll see coffins open unexpectedly and gargoyles yawn and stretch, perhaps waking from a long slumber. Skeletons stumble about while animated cadavers – are they alive or dead? – clamber throughout the catacombs. Crypt of Creeps is an immersive haunted environment that is the perfect upgrade to any haunted Halloween decoration display.

So what are some great ways to use it? We are certain that the always clever AtmosFANs will show us countless new ways to use Crypt of Creeps Decoration. But, to get the creative juices flowing, we have a few great ideas to start you off.

Create Incredible Depth with Surface Projections

Projecting on walls and other surfaces is probably the simplest way to display any AtmosFX Decoration – just find a wall and point your projector at it. It is certainly the simplest way to display Crypt of Creeps, too. Because this decoration is designed to create the sensation that the viewer is about to descend into a subterranean burial chamber, that means the best surface will almost assuredly be a wall.

So what kind of wall, then? It’s all about what kind of effect you want to create. If you are having a Halloween party, for example, you might wish to display the decoration on an entire wall. (Remove any wall hangings first!) In doing so, displaying Crypt of Creeps will not only make the party space seem larger by creating depth, but it will be a mess-free decoration that will engage partygoers all night long. Just make sure to place the projector up high so that when partygoers move closer to the wall to view the action in the decoration, they don’t block the projector’s beam. That will ruin the illusion!

Outdoors, a great location to display Crypt of Creeps is on your garage door. Just as if you were using it indoors, it creates incredible depth. Moreover, it becomes a key focal point in your entire Halloween display. This is particularly true if you have a large outdoor Halloween display with skeletons, cadavers and other gruesome animatronics – the type of characters that you also see in Crypt of Creeps. Try putting those physical props in the foreground, with Crypt of Creeps displayed on the garage door. You’ll instantly have a multi-layered display that will captivate a crowd for a long time!

Again, when you attract a crowd that wants to get a better look at your Halloween display, it is very easy to have them get in the way of the projector beam and cast a shadow. Same goes for any props and animatronics you might have in the foreground. To solve this, try to place your projector up high where you can still get a big and bold projection, but nothing will get in the way to ruin the effect. And if you can disguise or hide that projector up high, the better!

Or, if you want to eliminate that risk altogether and take your entire display to the next level, then we have another idea for you. Read on!

Window Projections In Many Different Ways

For those not familiar with Window Mode Displays, this is the technique of placing semi-opaque material across a window and projecting an AtmosFX Decoration onto it. Any window! From the outside, onlookers will see only the projected image of your AtmosFX Decoration. In the case of Crypt of Creeps specifically, when it is displayed, you should expect that a crowd will gather on the sidewalk or driveway to watch as cadavers grow restless in their new subterranean home. (And your neighbors might say: “I didn’t know they remodeled!”)

Now, here’s how to take your garage door display to the next level.

Instead of front-projecting onto your garage door and risk onlookers getting in the way of the projector’s beam, consider something slightly different. Open your garage door and stretch Window Projection Material XL across the opening, and place your projector inside the garage. You’ve essentially created a window mode display that is exactly the same size as your garage door, except you don’t have the window panes and glass. Not only will your projector be safe from the sometimes turbulent October weather, but you’ll also never have to worry about people or objects getting in the way of your projector’s beam.

You can use this window-mode-in-the-open technique in a lot of spaces. Enclosed porches can work extremely well. Garden arbors will look like a portal into another world. And if you inset your projection material a little deeper in your garage or porch, you can create an added sense of depth, really selling the illusion that your friends and neighbors are about to enter the Crypt of Creeps.

One last thing for those creating window displays – in actual windows. The Mad Geniuses in the AtmosFX Developmental Dungeon have added left and right versions of Crypt of Creeps. That means decorators who have narrow windows, or windows with bars in the center, will have options to adjust their window display so that it fits the window perfectly. It’s also a great option for decorators who want to project on two different windows with two different projectors.

Smaller Screens Work Well Too

While Crypt of Creeps is decidedly an epically large decoration, know that it still looks great in smaller formats, like when displayed on a TV, computer monitor or tablet, as well as the AtmosFX Decorating Disc XL. Sure, they are smaller displays (compared to windows and walls), but they still can be used as stunning party decorations that appear to create a mesmerizing portal into a haunted world.

When displayed on screens, the incredibly detailed action of Crypt of Creeps really comes to life. During a Halloween party, display it on a TV that might otherwise go unused – people will keep coming back to see what might have changed. Or, if you want to get a little more detailed, throw some curtains around the TV (perhaps even a fake window frame) to make it appear as though your TV is a window that looks deep into the crypt.

You can also display Crypt of Creeps on an AtmosFX Decorating Disc XL. For the uninitiated, this is like having a lightweight and portable circular window that you can place anywhere. Crypt of Creeps has a mode optimized for the circular disc, meaning you can set it up nearly anywhere and project onto it – adding a uniquely stunning decoration to your party, in your window, or as part of your Halloween yard display.

Two Bonus Ideas to Upgrade Your Halloween Display

Now that we’ve detailed some basic uses for this new AtmosFX Decoration, there are two more things that you might like to keep in mind. First, remember that once you’ve established the perfect spot to display Crypt of Creeps, know that another AtmosFX Decoration, Hall of Haunts, will work perfectly well there, too. Both are dynamic decorations that are wonderfully atmospheric. So, if you want to change the scene after displaying a subterranean burial chamber, the haunted manor of Hall of Haunts might be perfect for you.

The second thing is true for both Crypt of Creeps and Hall of Haunts. You will notice in each decoration that there are many strange spirits throughout – some you will recognize and some you will not. Of those you will recognize, that is likely because they also haunt other AtmosFX Decorations. That gives you a great opportunity to develop themes and reinforce ideas elsewhere in your Halloween display. For instance, when a skeleton stumbles through a hallway in Crypt of Creeps, you could also project a skeleton from Bone Chillers or Bone Chillers 2 elsewhere in your display to make it appear that it is moving about your entire Halloween display!

How might you use Crypt of Creeps in your Halloween decoration displays this year? The options are truly endless – you are only limited by your imagination!

We know this is only the beginning of the great ways you can display Crypt of Creeps Decoration. How might you use this decoration? Show us by sending your photos and videos using this easy online submission form!

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