AtmosFAN’s Apartment has Big Scares in Tight Spaces

It’s like any good horror movie: What appears to be a quiet apartment complex on a quiet suburban street isn’t quite what it seems. As you ascend the stairs towards Adam H.’s Campbell, California, apartment, you enter a densely decorated Halloween display that nearly swallows you whole.

It’s easy to get excited – oh, and we do! – about giant Halloween displays that take up every square inch of a massive front lawn and stress the power grid because of all the cool lights, props and projections. But for many of us, we don’t have an expansive front yard. Adam’s video shows us that you don’t need a ton of space to develop a captivating Halloween presentation. You just need a good imagination!

In the case of Adam’s apartment display, he’s done an amazing job of taking the space available to him and constructing his Halloween display in a way that is both all-consuming and self-contained enough to not completely drive his fellow neighbors crazy.

It all seems quiet enough in Adam’s neighborhood – until you ascend the stairs. Then the immersion begins. Fluorescent lights, disembodied eyes gazing at you, and props aplenty. Then, when you turn the corner – BOOM! – the tortured spirit of Jacob Marley and his jangling chains (from Marley’s Ghost Decoration) confronts you in the window.The projection is crisp and clear – rarely do people get the chance to see a window mode display this close.

Nearby, there’s a nice surface projection of Paranormal Passage Decoration Collection making it appear that something is trying to break through the wall. Elsewhere in Adam’s Halloween display, there’s a terrific Hollusion mode display of the Twisted Twins on a swing set, from Ghostly Apparitions 3 Decoration Collection. Adam’s great contrast of light and dark throughout his display makes the Hollusion Projection Material nearly invisible.

And that makes this compact-yet-creepy display just perfect. Adam says his Halloween visitors that night seemed to think so, too. At least, most of them.

“Some were hesitant to enter but eventually did and had a nervous laugh as they quickly exited with candy in hand,” Adam tells us. “One teenager had told his buddies that ‘I’m not going in there, bro!’”

Did you create a Halloween display at your apartment? Or maybe you made your mansion haunted! Big or small, send us photos and videos of what you’ve created using this simple online submission form. Not only will you earn points for use at, but you might become the next AtmosFAN of the Week like Adam, earning yourself a complete decoration collection!

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