Young or Old, Party like it's 199,900,000 B.C.

If it was up to us, June 1 would be an international holiday celebrated around the globe. It has been a long time since the Mesozoic Era, and we think those who came before us deserve their due.

Alas, although the first day of June has been considered International Dinosaur Day for several years, we all can't yet plan to take the day off from work. But since this year the date falls on a Saturday, we're gonna act like it and party like it’s 199,900,000 B.C.

We've put together a few ideas on how to best celebrate the day. And no matter if you are planning to party with youngsters or oldsters, make sure AtmosFX Dinosaur Encounter Digital Decoration is part of your plan. They can be displayed in your windows, or on your walls and TV – bringing an utterly unique dynamic presentation to any party. Here are a few more ideas:

Dino Parties for the Young

Create Dinosaur Eggs: 
This can be both a great project and a great game. The trick is hiding "fossils" inside of eggs, which kids can break open. And of course, you can also hide the eggs, just like you would on another holiday, Easter. Instructables has a great how-to post on these clever "eggs" made from flour, coffee grounds, sand, salt, and water. Plus, of course, whatever dinosaur surprise you want to hide inside.

Eat a Volcano: It is simply not a party without cake. And it is not a Dino Party without a volcano spewing chocolate-gooey lava. As party-cakes go, the great Rice Krispie Volcano Cake found at is the supreme triple-threat: Rice Krispie squares PLUS chocolate icing PLUS jelly beans. Three items that, ever since the Mesozoic Era, no child has been able to resist.

Watch a (Pre)Historic Dinosaur Movie: When it is time to watch a video, most adults have had enough of public television's purple dinosaur. Instead show them something that might also have interest for the parents: "Gertie the Dinosaur." Created in 1914 by Winsor McCay, Gertie is considered the first animated dinosaur and was honored with preservation in the U.S. Library of Congress' National Film Registry.

Dino Parties for Adults

Dino Movie Marathon: With the May 31 release of the summer blockbuster Godzilla: King of the Monsters, there's no reason why the following day shouldn't be programmed with a long slate of dinosaur movies. For pure awesome kitsch, we recommend going straight to the source with any of the early Godzilla movies. We particularly like 1965's Godzilla vs. Monster Zero. Dino-Monsters in space? Sign us up!

Kick Jurassic: It's a great party game: People don inflatable sumo wrestling suits and push each other around. Why not do the same in inflatable dinosaur suits? Get all Jurassic on your fellow party guests by creating a small ring about 10 feet in diameter, and see which puffy suit is the first to be pushed out.

Egg-ceptional Hors d'oeuvre: Here's a great party treat that is perfect for a dinosaur party: Jello-filled eggs. This clever recipe can be found at the Justataste blog. We recommend green and amber food color – maybe with a mosquito thrown in for effect? And, of course, if we are talking an adult party, we certainly recommend the recipe be revised to include vodka jello shots!

How will you celebrate International Dinosaur Day on June 1? Send us your photos and videos to!

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