Dynamite Doorway Mode Display from AtmosFAN

We take a break from full-blown, full-throttle, full-yard Halloween displays to remind ourselves how effective a singular AtmosFX Decoration can be in just the right context. That reminder comes straight from Ossining, N.Y., where the decorator who goes by the Instagram handle PumpkinKing689 put together a killer Doorway Mode display that sets just the right tone.

For anyone who has a frosted-glass front door – or any frosted-glass door, for that matter – you can see why such a display is a “must-do” decoration. No matter what time of year, any visitor who approaches the house is used to seeing the silhouette of the resident coming to open the door. So, when you have a chance to add a spooky twist to an otherwise commonplace everyday occurrence – like adding the Wicked Wraith from the Phantasms Decoration Collection, as PumpkinKing689 does – you’ve got yourself a top-notch effect.

Even if you do not have frosted-glass windows, you can create the same effect. That’s what PumpkinKing689 did. Hollusion Projection Material and Window Projection Material can work just like frosted glass – the former material a little more see-through, and the latter a little more opaque. How you affix the material to the doorway is up to you – you may choose to cut up the material for each of the window panes, or you can drape the entire material over all of the panes. If the latter, you’ll have trouble opening the door – but who cares?! You’ve probably already scared everyone away!

In the case of PumpkinKing689’s front door, he’s able to utilize the windows on either side of the door to essentially create a large horizontal canvas on which to project his decoration. Seeing the ghostly characters pass across all the window panes makes the effect seem more realistic. However, if you have only the glass of the front door to work with, you’ll want to look for AtmosFX Decorations that are vertical in orientation. This way, you’ll know that you are maximizing the space on which you are projecting. (To read a full how-to article on projecting on spaces like this, including a list of decorations that have vertical, or doorway, orientation, see Digital Decorating 101: Doorway Projections.)

As good as PumpkinKing689’s Doorway Mode display is, let’s not ignore how he sets the table. We love all the work he’s put into creating the look of an abandoned house. (OK, not quite abandoned. But it sure doesn’t look like anything human is living in there!) The work that he’s put into the approach to his house really pays off when you see the AtmosFX Decorations at the front door.

PumpkinKing689’s neighbors seem to agree. “One year, I even arrived home to see my neighbors on my lawn in full costumes taking pictures, LOL,” he tells us. “The projections really add the finishing touches.”

We agree! And speaking of finishing touches – we love to see the silhouette of PumpkinKing689’s dog make an appearance behind the frosted glass. Seems like we should send a copy of Ghostly Pets Decoration to give ol’ Moose a playmate for next Halloween!

If you haven’t yet sent us photos or videos of your recent Halloween decoration display, it is never too late! You can do so using this simple online form. All submissions receive points for use in the AtmosFX online store, and if you are selected as the next AtmosFAN of the Week, you’ll receive a free decoration collection of your choice. (Plus, of course, high praise from decorators around the world!)

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