Last-minute Party Planning? Use Your TV or Computer Monitor

It goes without saying that AtmosFX Digital Decorations look great no matter where you use them — projecting onto your front window, for example, or onto a wall or ceiling inside your home.

Even if you have only a television, it is still easy to infuse some spirit into your Halloween party with AtmosFX Digital Decorations. You won’t even have to take the TV off the wall, or off the entertainment center or TV stand.

Below are three ideas out of many that look particularly great on a television screen, ones that you can use, right now, without having to lift a finger. And good news for those looking for that one last killer party decoration: Each of these TV-optimized effects can be downloaded immediately from the AtmosFX store.

UnLiving Portraits 

Many haunters like to build their own frame — or three! — to take full advantage of these ghastly portraits. But each character also comes solo with its own digital frame, creating that same effect. You can create a loop allowing the effect to run endlessly, or freak-out your guests with a startle effect triggered by a remote.

Creepy Crawlies 2

The rats, snakes, cockroaches and tarantulas in this digital decoration each have a star moment when they appear to be crawling out of the television while the 1922 horror classic “Nosferatu” plays onscreen.

Zombie Invasion!

The “Zombie Invasion!” digital decoration features several modes that makes your television appear to be a window looking out into a world infested with brain-hungry zombies. These effects are a great way to ensure your party guests won’t be leaving early!

- - -

Of course, many haunters who don't own a projector will entertain trick-or-treaters and neighbors by simply moving their television or computer monitor to the window.  It is easy to do, given that every AtmosFX Digital Decoration features scenes optimized for a television. And don't forget: For even more detailed haunting ideas, make sure to check out our Tips & Tricks videos here.

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