AtmosFAN Builds Amazing Display in Single Day

Halloween is now less than 100 days away, which can only mean one thing: You are officially allowed to begin constructing your elaborate Halloween decoration displays in your front yards, no matter what local city ordinances and homeowner associations say!

OK, maybe you should check with them first. But you get the point – with Halloween coming up, now is the time to start preparing in earnest. But even if you’re not quite ready to begin construction yet, know that AtmosFX Digital Decorations make it easy to put together an astounding Halloween decoration display in just one day. That’s what Carl Geiss of Jenks, Oklahoma, did – and we think it looks great!

There’s so much to like at Carl’s house – he has a little bit of everything in his Halloween decoration display – amusing props, great lighting and a clever kid-friendly design that allows trick-or-treaters to explore and participate, yet not get too close. That’s a good thing – Carl says he got 300 or 400 visitors on Halloween night.

No surprise, we’re also quite taken by the several AtmosFX Digital Decorations we find throughout Carl’s Hallowen display. By our count, he’s got three different display modes going at one time, all of which look great. We see four different digital decoration collections: Bone Chillers and Phantasms in the windows, Ghostly Apparitions in the doorway, and two different pumpkin-mode displays using Jack-O’-Lantern Jamboree.

“I usually do one single pumpkin and one with all three,” says Carl. “But this year got so busy I wasn’t able to do the three, so had to do two single pumpkins.”

It still looks great. And it is also a great reminder that both Jack-O’-Lantern Jamboree Digital Decoration Collections offer options for projecting on a single pumpkin, or on three. It all depends what you have time for.

And speaking of time, we remain continually impressed by how elaborate Carl’s decoration display is, despite being pinched for time and setting it up in just one day. The props and animatronics give his display great depth, and his digital decorations give it important light and movement. We love the way you celebrate Halloween, Carl!

How are you preparing for Halloween? We think it is going to be BIG! Send us photos and videos of what you have done in the past … or what you are working on now! It is easy to do so using this simple online submission form!

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