AtmosFAN Creates Christmas Gift Kids Won’t Unwrap

How do you get kids to pause, just for a moment, and enjoy Christmas morning without the inevitable tornado of demolished boxes and ripped wrapping paper? Shawn M. of Burlington, Ontario, came up with a clever idea – how about entertaining the kids by wrapping a small AtmosFX Decoration and displaying it at the base of the Christmas tree?Shawn tells us that the true benefit of this clever creation isn’t just on Christmas morning. “We have a special present under the tree; it’s a magic gift that lets us see what the elves are doing to prep for Christmas Day,” he says. “The kids love to lay by the tree to watch the elves work and guess what presents are already under the tree.”

We love the ingenuity of Shawn’s ‘magic gift.’ There are a lot of different ways you can create an effect like this, including displaying it on a small screen or tablet that is placed in the wrapped box. (In fact, you can see a lot of cool ideas in the most recent edition of our video series: Project the Fun.) But we love the route that Shawn took – this Christmas-wrapped box is decidedly outside-the-box.

“To make this we wrapped a cardboard box with gift wrap, then cut the back out of it,” he says. “Then we cut a projection-sized hole in the front and stretched some Hollusion Projection Material across the projection hole.”

Shawn then placed a ViewSonic M1+ projector inside the box, and rear-projected Santa’s Workshop Decoration Collection onto it. “It’s self-contained with a large battery bank and can be placed anywhere the box will fit,” he says.

This is certainly a clever solution, and we know it will bring years of joy. And it goes without saying, there are certainly many more Christmas-themed AtmosFX Decorations that Shawn can use to entertain the entire family!

Have you built a cool decoration for your Christmas display, indoors or out? It is not too late – send your photos and videos to us using this simple online form. For every submission, you’ll earn Kudos for use in the AtmosFX online store, and those crowned AtmosFAN of the Week will receive a free decoration collection of their choice!

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