AtmosFAN’s Home a Bold Shock of Color

These days, we’ve got more AtmosFAN of the Week submissions than leftover peppermint candies at the bottom of the trick-or-treat bowl. If you have read this week‘s AtmosFX newsletter, you’ll know that we have highlighted three different AtmosFAN of the Week honors because of this. Oh the bounty!

You can read those other posts here and here. But we wanted to make sure we gave Michael Thomas his own shout-out. We just love the detail and monochromatic zing at his Helena, Alabama, home.

This is a perfect combination of props, color and digital decorations all working in unison to support the entire display. Everything simply works – it is lively and engaging, and not a single decoration overpowers the other.

We love the giant spiders and the giant webs made of stretched fabric. We love how the monochromatic blue color washes over the entire home. Then, when Michael adds little interjections of color, like the green lights in the foreground or the orange glow of the jack-’o-lanterns, it really jumps.

And we haven’t even mentioned the digital decorations! Nearly all of the display modes are represented – all of them effortlessly. There’s Boo Crew Digital Decoration Collection on the 3DFX Forms, and Ghostly Apparitions Digital Decoration Collection in the window. High in the sky is the Halloween Moon Digital Decoration Collection in a perfect use of “Moon Mode.” And the facade of a tomb is a great display of the Hollusion effect using Phantasms Digital Decoration Collection.

What a way to ring in the Halloween season, Michael! Bravo!

Halloween will be here this weekend! Send us photos and videos of your Halloween parties, as well as your Halloween decoration displays. It is easy to do so using this simple submission form. We will continue to highlight excellent examples throughout the year – because preparing for October 31 begins on November 1! Happy Halloween!

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