Ideas Abound with Congregation of AtmosFANs

Every day we are inspired by the endless creativity of our AtmosFANs. It’s why we spend countless hours watching videos for the AtmosFAN Hall of Fame – usually with popcorn washed down by a warm fermented mash of candy corn. If you haven’t sent us your Halloween decoration display, make sure to do so here!

Another place we frequent is the AtmosFX Decorating Community on Facebook – it has a zillion great decorating ideas, and this time of year the site is absolutely throbbing with activity. But here’s the best part: Whether you are a digital decorating veteran or an AtmosFX newbie, it is an incredibly supportive community ready to address just about any issue you might encounter.

To celebrate this vigorous Halloween decorating community, we picked three clever displays that were posted to the AtmosFX Decorating Community by people who joined the Facebook group in the last month. Welcome!
Bill Jones Sr. created a following with a great use of Creepy Crawlies 2 Digital Decoration Collection in his foyer during a Halloween party. We love that he provided a photo of his DIY projector mount.
Another new user to the Facebook group is Kim Stephenson Haines, who posted her first attempt at digital decorating. Pretty impressive, we’d say – the Hollusion effect with Bone Chillers Digital Decoration Collection is quality. As is the rest of her display! 
Neil Miller says it took home about 30 minutes to frame three Amazon Fire tablets to display UnLiving Portraits Digital Decoration Collection. Sometimes the small, subtle displays have the biggest impact, as we’re sure he will find out!

In addition to posting on Facebook’s AtmosFX Decorating Community, make sure to send us your photos and videos here! It is a simple submission form, and it is a great way to inspire digital decorators around the globe. And, too, if you are named AtmosFAN of the Week, you’ll win a free digital decoration collection!

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