Halloween Monster House is All-Consuming

It seems to us that there are two kinds of Halloween decorators: those who will put every last prop on display, including the kitchen sink; and those who pick one theme, stick closely to it, and simply nail it.

Truth be told, we love both types. But, today, the Santa Clara, Calif., home of Jerry Diego is decidedly in the latter camp. Known as Scarrry Jerry, his efforts make us giddy with joy.

As you can see from the video, Jerry turned his entire house into a one-eyed monster who is ready to gobble up visitors that approach his front door. Or should we say 'swallow visitors'? After all, with an 8-foot-by-14-foot mouth (and a 7-foot tongue), Jerry's creation could probably do so without chewing.

We'll spare you the detailed description of Jerry's house (other than noting that AtmosFX's Eerie Eyes Digital Decoration is a key component) because Jerry has detailed the entire process on his blog.

That is the other thing that makes us giddy: Jerry has not one, but two, phenomenal websites that take a deep dive into all-things-scary. We first found Jerry's house on www.myscaryblog.com, where he writes about Halloween, horror movies and similar things.

Then we discovered his other blog, www.myscaryhalloween.com, were he curates just about everything you need to know about putting on a positively stunning Halloween. From hosting parties, selecting pumpkin-carving tools or crafting creepy cocktails, it is an incredible resource we can't believe we are just learning about.

Scarrry Jerry, we love your giant monster house! And even more so, we love your enthusiasm for Halloween and all-things-scarrry!


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