AtmosFAN Goes BIG … and Small

We can’t stop looking at all of the Halloween videos and photos you have sent us – and that’s a good thing, because we don’t want to stop! (Have you sent us yours?!) And why would we want to stop looking anyway, when they look like this from Brian B. of Finleyville, Pennsylvania?

We’ll be honest – we just love the presentation here. Brian’s Halloween decoration display goes from small, to big, and back to small in no time. It all looks terrific.

The small: For the trick-or-treat candy table, Brian projects the Fortune Teller from Halloween Hosts Decoration Collection onto a clever DIY crystal ball. (If you want to learn how to create a crystal ball similar to this, check out this blogpost here.) Like many AtmosFX Decorations, Halloween Hosts has a mode where the projected image is circular, which makes it perfect Brian’s creation.

The big: We LOVE this. We are always looking for the largest exterior wall on which to project AtmosFX Decorations – so why not the entire house?! That’s both Tricks and Treats and Paranormal Passage decoration collections – which seems like they could be seen from blocks away!

And back to the small: AtmosFX’s 3DFX Form isn’t exactly small – it’s human size – but compared to the exterior wall projection, it just seems that way. The mannequin-like form is placed in front of Brian’s home, and the Brooding Butler from Halloween Hosts is projected directly onto it. Presiding in front of the beautifully lit and decorated home – this butler looks like he belongs here!

We love how the entire display all comes together. “It amazes everyone, kids and adults,” Brain tells us. “We are always recognized as a fan favorite every year, even without a contest.”

Have you sent us your photos and videos from this past Halloween? If not, please do so – we’ll continue to honor AtmosFANs of the Week all year! Every submission will earn you points for use at, and winners will get a free decoration collection of their choice. Submit your photos and videos here, using this easy online submission form!

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