AtmosFAN Turns Tiny House into Santa’s Workshop

We love it when clever decorators take small structures and turn them into top-notch stand-alone decorations. Whether it is a kids’ playhouse, a garden shed or something built expressly for a Christmas display, we like them all – especially when they house an AtmosFX Decoration like this one from Constance S. of Athens, Alabama.

No matter what type of structure is available to you, it is easy to add an AtmosFX Decoration. In the case of Constance’s display, she has placed Window Projection Material in the opening, and then placed a small projector inside the structure to display Santa’s Workshop Decoration Collection. (Short throw projectors work best in tight spaces.) Sometimes decorators will place a TV or computer monitor in the opening, too.

The great thing about structures like Constance’s is that you can swap out the AtmosFX Decoration with similar ones. For instance, instead of showcasing Santa and his elves preparing for their Christmas eve flight, you could change it out with AtmosFX’s newest decoration, Santa’s Bakery. Now, scene the changes so that Santa’s industrious elves are busily baking cookies and other Christmas confections!

And might there be more decorations coming this season that could be used in a similar way? We won’t say! (wink.)

Of course, we should also praise how Constance dressed-up this handmade structure with lights, color and more. But of course, any miniature structure will work the same way. Garden sheds can work well. And we’ve seen many people use children’s playhouses in the same way.

That said, with many of us having friends and family in town for the Thanksgiving weekend, it might not be time to co-opt the children’s play structure – just yet. Then again, we are fairly certain the kids will also love watching a dynamic decoration display. Adults are sure to love it, too!

Have you built a cool Christmas prop, like Constance? We want to see it! Send your photos and videos using this easy submission form and you may become the next AtmosFAN of the Week! Not only will you inspire others around the globe, you will also earn points that are redeemable at the store. You may even win a free decoration collection!

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