Still Feeling the Love from ‘My Valentine’

Just a few days removed from Valentine’s Day, and we’re still feeling the love. Thanks to all of you who downloaded My Valentine – we were very pleased to be able to offer this small love letter to you all.

(If you are an AtmosFX Newsletter subscriber and you still haven’t used your unique discount code for the free download of My Valentine, you can still do so — just look for the email we sent on Feb. 3 titled “Will You Be Our Valentine?” And if you aren’t a subscriber but would like to receive future news, discounts and even an occasional freebie, make sure to sign up for our AtmosFans newsletter. You can do so at the bottom of our homepage

But back to the love. We were delighted to read the kind notes you sent us, and to see many of the photos and videos that came our way. We were struck by how nimble you all are – how quickly and easily some of you crafted your displays, oftentimes late at night or when your spouse was away at work, so you could create a genuine surprise. 

Thanks to your notes, we know that My Valentine was a featured decoration at a high school Valentine’s dance DJ’d by Ray, and Kristin looped it on the TV for Valentine’s Dinner she hosted for 14 guests. Fourteen! Mark DIYed a display with an inexpensive shower curtain so he could surprise his children as they came down the stairs Valentine's morning.

Rhonda played My Valentine in her front picture window for a full two weeks. Then she said she received a text from her neighbor across the street, whose son was watching the display endlessly. Referring to Rhonda, the boy said: “Mommy, that is for me because (she) loves me!" It made Rhonda’s night.

We saw great displays from all over the world, including this from Gavin in Wales, and a full-blown sensory assault from one of our faves, longtime AtmosFan Tim.

And, lastly, there’s this note we got from Jarrett, who told us that his wife jolted the car to a stop when she saw the display he set up in the front of the house. And, if that weren’t enough, he adds, “the newsletter code allowed me to even buy flowers to go with it!”

Awesome. Spread the love, AtmosFans!

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