AtmosFX Effects Materialize in Japan on Mezamashi TV

Just like the wrathful wraith of Ghostly Apparitions, you never know where, or when, a little publicity around AtmosFX Digital Decorations is going to catch fire.

In this case, a few weeks after Halloween, interest ignited in Japan over some of AtmosFX’s spookiest effects on “Mezamashi TV,” a nationwide morning program on the Fuji TV Network.

The six-minute segment showcased some of AtmosFX’s most popular digital decorations, including Ghostly Apparitions, Bone Chillers and Jack-O’-Lantern Jamboree. Japan is just the latest nation to discover this – in 2014 alone, AtmosFX Digital Decorations have been sold to more than 65 countries outside the United States.

But here’s the best part: Mezamashi TV clearly did their homework, culling a lot of fantastic user-generated video from YouTube to show how digital decorations work. Many of those videos clearly came from the stuff AtmosFREAKS posted online. 

Beyond that, we can’t tell you much more because, uh, we only saw it once – and Fuji TV has not posted the program online. (And, frankly, we don’t speak Japanese, so it probably doesn’t matter.) 

Still, who’s to complain about the praise – even if we don't understand it? Not us. And we are comforted knowing that the pert, yet slightly frightened, hostess of Mezamashi TV has been set straight – no matter how realistic it looks, these aren’t real apparitions.

“It’s not a real ghost, no,” AtmosFX founder Pete Reichert said when contacted by the program, referring to a series of user-generated clips showcasing the “holographic effect” that many of our AtmosFREAKS have mastered.

“It’s actually a live-action shoot with CG animation,” he added. “But it really spooks people out, and I think it is primarily because nobody has seen anything like it before.”

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