AtmosFAN Builds Captivating Witch’s Cottage

Who doesn’t love a good Halloween prop? And when it slows traffic and makes passersby stop for a closer look? Even better! That’s what we have in Seminole, Florida, where Valoree Z. created a captivating Witch’s Cottage using just some PVC pipe and cardboard – and Witching Hour Decoration Collection, of course.

Valoree’s entire Halloween display is a terrific combination of lights, animatronic and props – much of it centering around a “witch” theme. Her whole yard looks great. But we were quite taken with the cottage – largely because it is such a simple construction, yet has such great impact. Who doesn’t want something that is inexpensive, simple to construct, and looks awesome?

That it does. And it is certainly enhanced by how Valoree combined the cottage with a Window Mode projection of Halloween Moon Decoration Collection. The black cat silhouetted by a full moon? The combination of the two is perfect.

And here’s a surprise: Despite the fact that the Witch’s Cottage is a pleasingly irregular shape, Valoree tells us that her display is NOT back-projected. Nor did she crop the image using video editing software. Valoree’s projector is in the front. And despite this, there is very little “spillover” of the projected image. How did she do it?

Well, we are impressed. And that’s before we learned that this is Valoree’s first-ever attempt at using AtmosFX Decorations.

“I discovered AtmosFX from someone’s Christmas display last year, “she says. “I purchased the Santa’s Workshop at the end of last year with the intention of using it this year in 2022. Of course, Halloween came first, so I went ahead and purchased Witching Hour and then Halloween Moon!”

Great work, Valoree! We cannot wait to see what else you come up with for Christmas, Halloween – and anything else. Clearly, you've got the skills!

How are you preparing for Halloween? Make sure to send your photos and videos to us using this simple online form – you just may be the next AtmosFAN of the Week! Aside from inspiring Halloween decorators around the world, you will also earn Kudos for your submission, plus you might also earn a free complete decoration collection!

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