Don't Put Away That Projector Just Yet!

For so many of us Halloween lovers, the last thing we want this time of year is to begin taking down the Halloween displays we worked so hard to create. Is it too much to ask to keep our displays up year-round, like certain people do with their Christmas lights?

Alas, most people aren’t quite ready for that. Still, we can think of numerous reasons to keep your projector at the ready and leave your Window Projection Material right where it is. Check out our latest: Happy Thanksgiving!

Christmas is just around the corner –– and AtmosFX has numerous digital decorations to turn your holiday displays into something your neighborhood has never seen! With New Year’s, Valentine’s and Easter approaching, there are even more AtmosFX Digital Decorations perfect for celebrating those holidays in style, too.

Make sure to check back here at to see the many, many ways you can simply and easily celebrate the holidays year round!

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