See How Others Share ‘Love & Hope’ in Their Community

When so many of you asked for a way to share a positive message of love and hope during these challenging times, we knew it was a brilliant idea. But not half as brilliant as seeing all these uplifting messages displayed throughout our communities!

Of course, we are talking about our free Love & Hope Digital Decoration, which aims to provide a dose of encouragement and support for our friends, neighbors and first responders.

Only two weeks since its release, we are starting to see some great examples of how you all are using this new digital decoration as a way to build community. We found many of these on Facebook’s AtmosFX Decorating Community – always a great way to get inspired. We'd like to share a few with you.

The window projection created by Erin McMeans is striking – and we love the additional lighting to give it some extra zip.

William Conrad is known for his stunning whole-house projection mapping – he earned a recent AtmosFAN of the Week honor for it. His latest does not disappoint!

We really appreciate what Yvone Donaldson has done here – she’s interspersed her own personal messages throughout the digital decoration.

Placed high up in a window so all can see it, Demetrios Langfor’s window projection feels like a beacon of hope all the way from the United Kingdom!


We know there are many more out there – make sure to spread the Love and Hope with the rest of us by sharing your photos and videos with us. You can do so here! And if you haven't yet downloaded your FREE copy of Love & Hope Digital Decoration, click here.

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Share This Article On Social Media