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Are You Ready for International Dinosaur Day? | AtmosFX

Are You Ready for International Dinosaur Day?

Are you ready for the biggest, largest, giganticest holiday of the year? No, we're not talking Flag Day. June 1 is International Dinosaur Day!

It is true: The third Tuesday in May is also International Dinosaur Day. But we’ve made our choice. We prefer the sauropod-like immobility of June 1, because it never moves year-after-year. And that makes it is easier for our dinosaur-size brains to remember to celebrate.

So, how will you celebrate June 1?

For many, the first time we think of dinosaur parties is when we host our child's birthday party. And we support that – it is, after all, the gateway party for dinosaur enthusiasts. It is almost inevitable that if you have a 3-to-7 year-old boy, you'll be hosting a dinosaur party at some point. (And attending many more!) With that in mind, we have collected several great ideas for ensuring the fun at your child's party never goes extinct.

Of course, the best dinosaur parties are hosted by adults, who don't necessarily need a reason to celebrate dinosaurs – they just do!

Here's just one good idea: With the summer blockbuster reboot Godzilla: King of the Monsters to be unleashed on May 31, a pre- or post-movie International Dinosaur Day party has never been timelier. (Godzilla might not exactly be a dinosaur, but he certainly is international!)

For any party, kid or adult, make sure to place some AtmosFX Window Projection Material in your front window and project Dinosaur Encounter Digital Decoration onto it. If you're hosting a dinosaur party, from the outside your guests will know the dinosaurs have already arrived. And if not hosting a party, it still sends a signal to fellow dinophiles that June 1 is a very BIG day.

Of course, we know you all will find other clever ways to celebrate June 1. For instance, AtmosFAN Lyle Coram turned the tables on his family and projected Dinosaur Encounter into his house, with playfully terrifying results. And of course, we'll never stop loving the photo of AtmosFAN Lisa Boggs who, when her husband returned home from overseas deployment, met him on the tarmac in a dinosaur suit!

All to say, there is no correct way to celebrate International Dinosaur Day. And that even includes those of you who prefer to celebrate it on the third Tuesday of May – this year, May 19. Even that’s OK – so long as you do so again on June 1. That, itself, proves how ginormous International Dinosaur Day is – you get to celebrate it twice!

How will you celebrate International Dinosaur Day? Make sure to send your photos and videos to community@atmosfx.com!

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