Kansas Couple Hosts Front Yard Dinosaur Face-Off

There are so many ways you can earn an AtmosFAN of the Week crown. We've seen fans create extensive Halloween displays that can take weeks, even months, to set up. We've seen fans use digital decorations in inventive new ways we never even considered. We've seen crystal-clear presentations that are flawless in their execution.

Then, sometimes, you see something that is so playful, so happy-making, that it deserves the AtmosFAN of the Week crown on its own. Case closed. This week, the honor enthusiastically goes to Lisa Boggs and her husband, Noe, from Olathe, Kansas.

Lisa was the first person to send us a video of using Dinosaur Encounter in, as we like to say, the wild. We love Lisa's projection onto her front window the Tyrannosaurus Rex individual scene from our newest AtmosFX digital decoration. (In the top video, she's projecting in TV/Wall Mode onto her window, which makes it appear as though there is a verdant prehistoric forest inside her home. She could have also chosen to project in Window/Hollusion Mode, which would have removed the foliage, making it look as though only the T-Rex was inside her house.)


Or, should we have asked, just one T-Rex was inside her house? Because, yes, we just love the second video, where Lisa's husband, Noe, dresses up in their own T-Rex costume. We now have definitive proof that, despite their puny arms, T-Rexes can still stay fit doing push-ups!

"I saw your new effect of the dinosaurs coming out at the same time as the movie Jurassic World, and thought it be fun to do," Lisa tells us. "It was also perfect to wear our T-Rex suit for an even more fun effect."

Lisa says they keep two projectors permanently mounted in their house year-round, making it easy to quickly decorate any time of year. This year, they've projected on their windows on Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Christmas – and Halloween. "Halloween is where my heart is," says Lisa.

Speaking of heart, we admit, too, we were just overjoyed with another photo Lisa sent us — one that seems particularly poignant just after US Independence Day. This is Lisa meeting her husband, Noe, as he returns home from deployment.

Lisa and Noe – we love the way you celebrate! It is an inspiration to us all!

We know there are so many ways our fans can earn the honor of AtmosFAN of the Week! How will you inspire the rest of us? Send your photos or YouTube links to Community@atmosfx.com, and make sure to put "AtmosFAN of the Week" in the subject line.

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