A Halloween Display Rich in Detail

We never get tired of fantastic Halloween displays – that is true even in May. This week we take you to southeastern British Columbia, where Brandon Kootnekoff put together an incredibly detailed Halloween display – one that keeps growing each year, both in complexity and in detail.

As you can see from the video, Brandon places high value on detail. He’s been creating a Halloween display at his Grand Forks, B.C., home since 2013 – and this is his fourth year using AtmosFX Digital Decorations.

Brandon decorates for multiple holidays, including Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. But Halloween has always been his favorite, ever since he was a kid. He tells us that each year he adds to his previous year’s display. He breaks it out into distinct areas – a haunted forest, a Jack Skellington life-size prop, as well as an alien invasion area with a full-fledged dissection table. This year, Brandon added Zombie Bay.

Obviously, Brandon’s display is heavy with props, large and small – all of which he creates himself, we should note. It is this detail that makes his display so captivating, especially when you get a good look at all the smaller props. And we love how he’s able to mix-in digital decorations to really reinforce the theme. The best example is his display of Zombie Invasion Digital Decoration on a window that was closest to the Zombie Bay section. (He will also project the “Emerging Terrors” scene from Terrors from Beyond in the same window.)

And for those Old Schoolers out there, check out the mock fireplace in Brandon’s forest. That’s the “Flames from Hell” scene from AtmosFX’s oldest digital decoration, Triple Thrill Pack. We always love seeing that digital decoration!

The music and sound effects you hear in the video composed by Brandon himself. “I find music as well as sound effects and soundscapes inject life into my display,” he says. “Each year the display gets a little more intense.” Thanks to recognition he got from his home display, in fact, he was even asked to create spooky soundscapes for a local haunted maze. As an aspiring composer, you can follow him and hear more of his work on Facebook, just search “Brandon Kootnekoff- Composer.”

And if that wasn’t enough, Brandon’s attention to detail extends to all the jack-o’-lanterns on his property – all of which he grew in his garden. There’s more than 40! How do you also have the time to carve all those pumpkins?! We are impressed.

Great work, Brandon! We love your attention to detail, and how you mix AtmosFX Digital Decorations into an already impressive display! How about the rest of you? How do you decorate for Halloween ... or any other holiday? Send us your photos and videos – your creativity can inspire countless others! You can do so here! And, too, if we publish yours, you’ll receive a FREE digital decoration collection of your choice!

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