Great Ways to Use ‘Celebrations America’

There is a lot to celebrate here in the United States. Starting with Memorial Day and Independence Day, right down to Veterans Day, there are a lot of great holidays to honor those who have made this nation great. With Celebrations America Decoration, it’s easy.

Joshua Hargrove created this terrific decoration display for Independence Day with Celebrations America Decoration, but it can be used any time of year. Read more about it in the AtmosFAN Hall of Fame.

Many decorators have been creatively using the fireworks from AtmosFX’s Celebrations Party Time Decoration as a way to show their spirit on national holidays. And you can still do that! But with the release of Celebrations America Decoration, and its three unique individual decorations (“Stars & Stripes,” “Patriotic Fireworks” and “Waving Flag”) decorators now have ways to dynamically show their colors. Let us show you some great ways to use it!

What Are You Celebrating?

Obviously, celebrating the Fourth of July with Celebrations America is a no-brainer. But there are so many other days that are essential to the American experience, such as Election Day, Memorial Day, Flag Day, Veterans Day and Labor Day.

And why stop there? When America’s athletes are participating in the FIFA Women’s World Cup this upcoming July and August, or in Paris next year as part of the Summer Olympics, you’ve got a great way to show your spirit. And as a way to acknowledge the essential workers who care for us – medical personnel, firefighters, teachers and more – Celebrations America is a great way to honor them.

Where Will You Show Your Colors?

Where to decorate? It’s up to you. We’ll start with one of the most popular ways that decorators prefer to show their spirit: Window Projections. Because windows are often big and in the front of your house, it is the perfect location to stretch out some Window Projection Material and let the neighborhood know you are proud to celebrate Memorial Day, Election Day or more. And if you’re hosting a holiday celebration, you’ll set exactly the right tone when your guests arrive.

Projecting on surfaces is even easier. There’s no need for projection material – just a large surface on which to train your projector. And the bigger the better! If you have friends and neighbors for a backyard barbeque, around dusk, project Celebrations America onto the side of the house. It’s sure to get everybody in the spirit.

The fun thing about surface projections is that you can do it anywhere – use that ol’ American ingenuity! Party guests will love a projection onto the wall in your home near the buffet table, or perhaps even onto a white tablecloth – you’ll instantly have a dynamic red-white-and-blue table setting. Heck, we’ve even seen an AtmosFAN use a high-lumen projector and display digital fireworks onto the municipal water tower!

It is also important to remember that televisions, computer monitors and tablets can also be used with Celebrations America. For instance, it is a great way to entertain the kids while the adults prepare dinner or get the fireworks display ready. We’ve also seen AtmosFANs put a frame around a tablet and place it on the picnic table – a simple and easy way to create a festive mood.

Go Forth on the Fourth!

We know that the most obvious time to use Celebrations America is Independence Day – it is a perfect fit! The individual decoration “Patriotic Fireworks” is a natural no matter where you display it. But here’s two really unique ideas:

String up some Hollusion Projection Material up high – perhaps on your roof or in the trees. Then, when the sun sets, project the individual decoration “Patriotic Fireworks” onto the material. Because you cannot see the Hollusion material when it is dark, it will look like the fireworks have started! It’s a great way to get everyone excited before the public fireworks display starts later in the evening.

Another great idea is using AtmosFX’s Decorating Disc. This is essentially a portable circular screen that can be placed anywhere – hanging from a tree, in a window, propped up in the front lawn. Celebrations America has a display mode that crops the decoration into a circle, which makes for a really unique presentation.

In the end, no matter how you use Celebrations America, it is sure to be a hit. Just a little good ol’ American ingenuity and you’ll have a decoration display that is perfect for any occasion.

How do you show your spirit? We want to see it! Send us your photos and videos of how you use Celebrations America – it is easy to do so here.

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Andrew Knight celebrates independence with a window display in Langford, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom.
Tyler Struve used a short throw projector and a decorating disc to create this patriotic display at his apartment complex in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Check out how these and other AtmosFANs have decorated with Celebrations America and other decorations in the AtmosFAN Hall of Fame!


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