Three AtmosFANs Display the Spirit of Christmas

This time of year, we can never get enough of the holiday spirit on Facebook’s AtmosFX Decorating Community user’s group. There are always incredible ideas on display here, as well as a host of thoughtful community members ready to help answer questions and troubleshoot problems. And remember, no matter what anyone else might think, scrolling for hours in this user’s group always qualifies as research!

We’ve been there, of course, doing our own research. And we’d like to share with you the fruits of our labor – three displays that we were particularly tickled to see. You, of course, will have your own favorites. And knowing how prolific this user’s group tends to be, we know there will be tons more to love the next time we log in!

Mammoth Projection Mapping Display

With a projector that boasts a massive lumen-count, plus some serious skills at the computer, Amanda Ayers has put together some amazing projection mapping displays. There’s plenty to see in the user’s group but, of course, we are particularly taken with this one using the newly released Singing Snowman Digital Decoration Collection. Amanda’s neighbors seem to be taken with it, too. “Had three girls in their 20s run up and start dancing with the snowman,” she posted. “It looks like he is a hit with more than just the little kids!”

Clever DIY Globe & Projector Blind

“Snowglobe mode” displays seem to have taken on a life of their own this winter, with people projecting on exercise balls, beach balls and, as Cathy Gardner-Maher did, an inflatable prop. It looks great! But we really love her DIY projector blind that she created from a styrofoam box she got from the produce department at her local grocery. She simply added a bright red bow and she is set!

Santa Looks Great, Even in Miniature

We always love it when we see someone take a digital decoration and take it in a direction that is opposite of what others do. In this case, Scott Bell used a mini-projector to add a little surprise to his Christmas Village display. This live-action Santa from Night Before Christmas Digital Decoration Collection looks terrific here. Scott knows that sometimes subtle projections, when they are discovered, can have a huge impact!

How do you decorate for the Christmas season? Not only should you post your photos and videos to Facebook’s AtmosFX Decorating Community user’s group, but you should also send them to us via this simple online submission form! Not only will you inspire others with your creations, but you will earn a free digital decoration collection, too!

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