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Halfway to Halloween is always worth celebrating – but we acknowledge we’ll sometimes experience a lull when we come to the realization that October 31 is still six months away. To cheer us up, we’ll often turn to a good ol’ fashioned full-house Halloween display with all the goodies. And the bigger, the better. With that in mind, we bring you Chad M., from Twin Falls, Idaho.“We live away from town so in order to get people to come to our house we have to offer big candy bars and something new each year,” Chad tells us. “We get more and more people each year as the word spreads, and people come to see the unique combinations of props, animatronics, live people and the eerie touch with various projections.”

As you can tell from Chad’s video, it also never hurts to have a lot of space where you can display all those terrific props, animatronics and actors! To be sure, Chad puts all of these assets to great use. It seems that no matter where you turn, there’s always something interesting – and potentially startling – lurking in a dark corner.

Speaking of dark corners, it is worth calling out how well Chad uses light and dark spaces throughout his Halloween display. For every spotlight that he uses to call attention to a prop or animatronic, there is often an adjacent spot that remains dark that may, or may not, contain something creepy. That makes for great pacing, encouraging visitors to move throughout the entire Halloween display, warily investigating every corner or nook.

The great use of lighting also helps camouflage the light emitted from the projectors when Chad uses AtmosFX Decorations throughout his display. Indeed, as we re-watch his video, we can never quite tell where he’s hidden the projectors. And that makes for great effects. That is certainly true for his stellar Hollusion using the “Twisted Twins” from Ghostly Apparitions 3 Decoration Collection, or the Window Mode displays of Zombie Invasion! and Inferno decoration collections.

But we really love the Wall Mode display using Paranormal Passage Decoration Collection. “I just tell people it’s someone under the stairs pushing through spandex,” Chad says. “Too bad it’s solid concrete. It’s really funny how people don’t see the projector and are amazed by the effect.”

Chad gets a similar response when people go up the staircase to his porch, where it appears spiders have captured a human in their web. “I’ve done my hanging spider web corpse twice now and projecting Creepy Crawlies 2 onto it added a crazy lifelike effect of spiders coming out of the corpse and crawling everywhere,” he says. “People compliment on the amount of detail it adds to the prop making it seem all the more believable.”

That level of detail is evident throughout Chad’s display – every time we re-watch the video we find something new. And for that reason, we can see why Halloween fans make the extra effort to head out to Chad’s home each year – it is top notch!

Have you sent us photos and videos of your display from last year’s Halloween? It is Halfway to Halloween and countless AtmosFANs want to see it! Send them to us using this simple online submission form and you’ll earn rewards for use in the AtmosFX online store. And if yours is selected to be the next AtmosFAN of the Week, you’ll receive a complete decoration collection.

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