Great Ways to Use ‘Spectral Signs’

For weeks, we have been seeing strange paranormal signs – messages scratched on walls, handprints and footprints dripping from ceilings. But what does it all mean? These cryptic communications are not at all clear, except for one important thing: Spectral Signs Decoration Collection, AtmosFX’s first Halloween-themed decoration of 2022 has arrived.

Toil & Trouble's DIY reviews Spectral Signs and show a couple of great in-use examples (click here to jump to the examples)

For every Halloween decorator that seeks to add a sense of foreboding dread to their display – this decoration is for you. The mysterious footsteps, handprints and cryptic communiqués are available in four colors and four lighting variations, perfect whether projected on windows and walls, or played on a TV. What are some of the best ways to use Spectral Signs? We can show you how.

For those who have been decorating for a long time, one might recognize a similarity to one of AtmosFX’s oldest and most adaptable decorations, Blood Walls. And indeed, if not quite a sequel, one might say Spectral Signs is Blood Walls’ spiritual successor. And that is good for everybody!

The reason Blood Walls remains so popular is that it is so versatile – and the same can be said for Spectral Signs. And because it comes in different colors and lighting variations – like lightning, black light or flashlight – that means it is easy to match whatever decoration scheme you are creating.

Sketchy Surfaces

Let’s start with surface projections – the simplest way to display any AtmosFX Decoration. Projecting onto a wall, ceiling or floor sets a foreboding tone whether displayed large, like on the side of an apartment building, or as part of small props, like a haunted dollhouse. Words like “They’re Here” or “Don’t Be Afraid,” scrawled on the side of a building? You know that message will have quite an effect on all those who see it, near or far.

Surface projections, of course, work well indoors or out. It is easy to display the messages and images of Spectral Signs amongst all the other props of your display, giving it great depth. And for those hosting Halloween parties? Strange handprints on a dark wall or unused hallway absolutely sets the right tone.

And don’t forget the floor – it is a large surface that many people forget about. Place your projector up high and project down! Imagine how people will respond to your haunted house or alien abduction–themed display if strange footsteps appear and disappear below them in the blink of an eye. Might they be next?!

Haunting Windows and Hollusions

You can also display Spectral Signs in your window. You can create Window Mode displays like you would for any other AtmosFX Decoration – simply place Window Projection Material in the window, and project directly onto it from inside your house. How might trick-or-treaters respond as they read “Enter If You Dare” at the front of your house?

For an added level of mysteriousness, you can also place Hollusion Projection Material in your window (instead of Window Projection Material). Because this material is see-through (yet still displays the projected image), people who peer into your house will still be able to see into your home, as well as the ghostlike messages, handprints and footprints. This will confirm that your house is haunted!

Hollusions can be created elsewhere in your display, either indoors or out. Simply place the Hollusion Projection Material in a dark corner – perhaps in a dark hallway or, outdoors, hanging from a clothesline or arbor. The cryptic messages of Spectral Signs will appear and disappear in thin air.

Get Creepy with TV Mode

TV Mode displays are a sometimes forgotten technique that, when used well, can be a showstopper. Of course, Spectral Signs works well here, too. The scrawled messages are just as creepy on a TV, computer monitor or tablet – especially if you are able to slightly camouflage the shape of the monitor with some mesh-like material such as Hollusion Projection Material or similar. Place it in a window near the trick-or-treat candy bowl!

If you want to get really creative, think about incorporating Spectral Signs with a TV or monitor behind a one-way mirror. We’ve seen many clever decorators build “haunted mirrors” that display AtmosFX Decorations through them, and this particular decoration is perfect for that. Imagine someone looking into what they think is a normal mirror only to see the words “Come Closer” or “Be Afraid” suddenly appear!

Mix It Up!

Lastly, remember that Spectral Signs is eminently flexible. That means it plays well with other AtmosFX Decorations. For example, if you are creating a zombie outbreak display for Halloween, then the handprints on the wall pair well with Zombie Invasion! Decoration. If you have a Hollusion of the “Slender Specter” from Ghostly Apparitions 2 disappearing into air, perhaps nearby the footsteps appear on the ground, leading the viewer to the next display. Or perhaps the watchful eyes of Eerie Eyes Decoration are combined with messages such as “I See You.”

The opportunities are limitless no matter how you use Spectral Signs Decoration Collection. We know it will add just the right amount of ominousness to your Halloween decoration display regardless of how you use it!

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How will you use Spectral Signs Decoration Collection? We want to see it! Send your photos and videos to us using this simple online form!

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