Great Ways to Decorate with ‘Gingerbread Lane’

Who doesn’t associate the Christmas season with the smell of fresh-baked cookies? We know we do. Now, with the release of AtmosFX’s first Christmas-themed decoration collection of 2023, everyone in the neighborhood will have the opportunity to enjoy a dose of holiday warmth straight from the oven.

Longtime AtmosFAN Sue W. of McHenry, Illinois, repurposed an old bird feeder and an mp4 player to create a Gingerbread Gazebo using ‘Gingerbread Lane Decoration Collection.’ Read about it here in the AtmosFAN Hall of Fame.

The Gingerbread Lane Decoration Collection features a charming family of gingerbread cookies who are eager to celebrate their favorite time of year – Christmas! With trees to trim, carols to sing and presents to exchange, these charismatic cookies are eager to become a centerpiece of your holiday decorating display.

How best to use the Gingerbread Lane Decoration Collection? We have some great ideas for you.

Gingerbread Houses Belong on Gingerbread Lane

Let’s start with the obvious. For families who have a tradition of building gingerbread houses, or like to host parties that feature gingerbread house building, this decoration is near perfect. There are so many ways to use it!

As the gingerbread house construction and decorating begins, display Gingerbread Lane on a nearby television or computer monitor and play it on loop. Both kids and adults will love it – and it will provide inspiration as long as everyone is hard at work. But once the construction is over, now you have countless opportunities to really make your gingerbread house display truly sing!

Once you are ready to put these gingerbread houses on display, now you have another great opportunity to use Gingerbread Lane. Start with the wall immediately behind the houses – a small pico projector is perfect for doing so, or you can even place the same TV or computer monitor behind the houses. Either way, you’ll instantly have created a playful and dynamic backdrop that perfectly sets the scene. After all, since everyone has worked so hard on the construction of these houses, why wouldn’t you want to add a snow landscape with a charming gingerbread family right behind it, singing carols and trimming the tree?

Bring Your Outdoor Holiday Display to Life

Of course, many people prefer to go bigger during the Christmas season. If you have a lot of inflatables, animatronics and other props as part of your outdoor holiday display, Gingerbread Lane projected onto an exterior wall will bring an added level of dynamism – not to mention cuteness! The charming cookie family will mix right in with inflatable snowmen, Santas and reindeer. Just like with the smaller gingerbread village mentioned above, it’s a great way to create greater interest and depth by projecting onto a surface directly behind it.

Garage doors work great – and so do other exterior walls, especially if they are not obstructed by plants and shrubbery. And don’t forget: When projecting on walls amongst a bunch of props, projector placement is essential. Make sure to position your projector in a location so that the other props don’t cast a shadow – short-throw projectors are a good option, in that they allow you to project a large image while still being close to the wall. Another option is to place the projector up high, so that nothing casts a shadow onto the projection.

Of course, projecting on indoor walls also instantly creates interest and depth by turning any room into a snowy landscape where joyful gingerbread cookies celebrate the season. That’s great for holiday parties, whether it is in the living room where the partygoers gather, or in the playroom where the kids congregate. Anywhere!

These Cookies are Also Round

Speaking of parties, Gingerbread Lane is optimized for the AtmosFX Decorating Disc XL – a lightweight circular projection screen that can be easily placed anywhere. That means it can become an instant party decoration to liven up any corner of the house or office that needs a little pizzazz. Place the decorating disc behind the bar, above the hors d’oeuvres table, or hang it from the second-floor railing.

Similarly, you can also place the disc in the window and project onto it – creating a joyful mood without having to cover the entire window. Outside, you can also hang it from a railing or tree branch, almost like a Christmas tree ornament.

And don’t forget snowglobes! Perfect for the Christmas season, each year we see more and more people creating “snowglobes” by projecting on round objects – like exercise balls or light-colored beach balls – placed on a pedestal. It also works with the Decorating Disc XL when propped on its side. Project Gingerbread Lane’s circular format onto the ball or disc and it will look like you have created a large snowglobe with the gingerbread cookie family at its center.

Put Cookies in Your Window

Lastly, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention one of the most popular ways people display any AtmosFX Decoration – in the window. Simply place AtmosFX Window Projection Material in a window facing the street – the larger the better – and project directly onto it. From the outside, people will be charmed by a gingerbread family who celebrates the season by singing carols and opening gifts.

And isn’t that the point of decorating during the holiday season – to spread the cheer among friends, family and neighbors? Indeed it is – and there’s no better family to share it with than those who live on Gingerbread Lane!

How will you use Gingerbread Lane in your Christmas decoration display? We want to see it! Send us your photos and videos using this simple submission form!

How Have Other Decorators Used ‘Gingerbread Lane’?

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