Gingerbread House from Longtime AtmosFAN

For those who are familiar with the AtmosFX Hall of Fame are certain also to be familiar with the name Sue W. – she has been cranking out masterful minuscule decorations at her McHenry, Illinois, home for years.Of course, we should not have been surprised to discover that Sue had almost immediately constructed a charming miniature gingerbread house made with our most recent decoration collection, Gingerbread Lane.

For those unfamiliar with Sue’s work, she likes to take found (or underutilized) objects, give them a little love, and turn them into small festive indoor decorations. She might paint dreary colors onto an old dollhouse to turn it into a miniature haunted house, or build a festive Christmas Village with cardboard and other objects found around the house.

And, often, she’ll hide an unused smartphone, tablet or other mp4 player into the mix, and display an AtmosFX Decoration on the screen. Her displays already look great – but the dynamic addition really grabs attention!

As for Sue’s gingerbread house, the same creative impulses were in effect. “This was made with an unfinished wood bird feeder that I painted gingerbread color and added puff paint to frost it,” she tells us. “Since Gingerbread Lane is an outdoor scene, I felt a ‘gazebo’ look would be perfect.”

Needless to say, Sue’s creations are perfect for the holiday season – who doesn’t want to see a dynamic gingerbread house mixed among the other decorations that typically adorn our houses this time of year? At the very least, Sue’s work is a great reminder that you don’t have to always go big with AtmosFX Decorations – smaller displays have a great impact, too!

Oh! And we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention another place in which you might have become familiar with Sue and her creations – Facebook’s AtmosFX Decorating Community. It’s a great place to exchange tips and ideas on all-things-AtmosFX, any time of year, as well as ask questions of other decorators. Sue is a big presence there!

Do you have a project you are working on for the Christmas season? We want to see your displays, indoors and out! Send them to us using this simple online submission form, and you may be crowned the next AtmosFAN of the Week! Everyone who enters earns points for use in the AtmosFX online store, and winners earn a free decoration collection of their choice.

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