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Bone Chilling in Indiana | AtmosFX

Bone Chilling in Indiana

Halloween is coming and Freak of the Week™ is back -- bigger and stronger than Skynet’s T-800 Terminator! Time to start putting your decoration plans together. Here is another great fan setup to help give you ideas!

Brett Hancock from Mulberry, Indiana has been decorating his family’s house for the last 10 years. With lots of kids in his neighborhood he wants to keep his decorations spooky but family friendly.

“I came across your website a few years ago when I was trying to take my decorating to the “next level” says Brett. “I was actually looking for ways to use the Pepper's Ghost effect, but found that your decorations were so much better! I started off a couple of years ago with just the silhouette of the skeleton band. Last year, I added the hollusion effects to my yard and front porch. This year, I plan to add the singing jack-o-lanterns and more hollusions.”

To create the hollusion effects in his yard, Brett hung our AtmosFX Hollusion projection material between two volleyball net poles and projected the Bone Chillers band (and added a few tombstones and lighting effects to complete the scene). He also stretched the Hollusion material between the posts on his porch and looped the family friendly Bone Chillers scenes there as well.

Great job and helpful information shared! Check out the video of his 2015 Halloween setup here!

This is what makes Brett our latest AtmosFX Freak of the Week. For that, he’s earned a $9.99 download – and endless praise from all of us, too. Keep up the great work, Brett!

Think you have what it takes to be the next Freak of the Week? Show us how you’re using our digital decorations and YOU may be our next featured decorator! Send your photos or YouTube links to community@atmosfx.com, and make sure to put "Freak of the Week" in the subject line.

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