Using Digital Decoration Downloads

The future is now! Every single AtmosFX digital decoration is available on-demand as digital downloads. Our digital downloads use the versatile.MP4 format and each decoration includes both high-definition video and a stereo soundtrack. This means you have several ways to play digital decorations as well as the ability to easily mix-and-match individual scenes to create the perfect environment for your guests.

Playing Digital Downloads on TVs and Projectors

Even if you’re not using an AtmosFX Digital Decorating Kit, getting set up is pretty simple. When playing AtmosFX digital downloads on a TV or projector, look for the following features/settings:

  • A TV or projector that can accept a storage media like USB or SD card. These ports are usually on the back or side of your device.
  • A device that can play. MP4 files, which is the video format we use for digital downloads. You’ll find this information in the user manual or on the manufacturer’s website.
  • Has a "repeat" or "loop" function to continuously play the decorations. Often this will be found on the device’s remote or in the “Settings” menu. 

If your TV or projector does not have one or more of these features, don’t worry, you can still use digital downloads. For instance, if you’re creating a display with an old cathode ray style TV, it is unlikely they will have SD or USB inputs. 

In such cases, you’ll need a bit more planning. Just connect the video inputs on your TV or projector to another device which can play MP4s. This device might be a Media Player or even a DVD player, just as long as it has the 3 features listed above. If you’re using older devices, you may also need the correct cords and cables.

The AtmosFX team is devoted to helping decorators solve problems. However, if you are having issues with a projector, TV, or any device made by a company other than AtmosFX, the best solution is to contact the manufacturer. Contacting your product manufacturer, or visiting their online support forums, should get you up and running quickly.

Playing Digital Downloads on a Computer and Making Playlists

Lots of decorators use a computer to control their decoration playlists. Many laptops today feature HDMI outputs, which make it easy to connect to other video devices like TVs or Projectors. To get started, all you need to do is open your favorite video player app (for example, Windows Media Player, iTunes, or VLC). You’ll need software that lets you create playlists and repeat videos. Some apps like QuickTime don’t have a playlist feature, which means you can only play one decoration at a time. Others have trouble playing MP4s.

In the video player app, create a new playlist and add your favorite effects to it. Once you're satisfied with your playlist, use the correct cable and/or adapter to connect your computer to your projector or TV. Now, you've got your very own personalized mix of digital decorations to frighten and/or delight your friends and family, neighbors, and guests!

We hope that our new decoration options make decorating for holidays and special events even easier, and we’re looking forward to seeing the new environments you clever folks put together.

Happy decorating, everyone!


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