Celebrating Your Birthday with Pizzazz

Summer is here! We admit that we'll always yearn for the darker, cooler autumn nights when our inner wolfman can howl at the harvest moon, and our spirits (the ghostly kind) can run free.

That said, even in summer, we are always looking for something to celebrate. With school closed and the longer days and warmer nights here, this is the time where many of us finally get around to planning our children's birthday parties.

Planning parties? That's what we are all about. We'll host a party for just about anything – Dinosaur parties, Star Trek parties, office parties, you name it. But the grandaddy of them all? Birthday parties. And we have a few ideas how you can use digital decorations to celebrate them.

Celebrations Party Time 

It is hard to believe that the Celebrations Party Time Digital Decoration collection has been the go-to birthday decoration for six years, but when you're good, you're good. The balloons, fireworks and banners all create a celebratory mood – with no mess – whether you display them on your wall, windows or TV. Even if you aren't hosting a party, displaying this digital decoration in your window allows everyone to know that you are honoring someone very special inside.

Dinosaur Encounter 

This is probably the number-one birthday theme for children ages 3 to 8 – especially for boys. What child, at some point, hasn't been enamored with "the terrible lizards"? The Dinosaur Encounter Digital Decoration collection is a great way to host a dinosaur-themed birthday party that goes far beyond typical party decorations. For example, by displaying Dinosaur Encounter into your house (as this AtmosFAN has done), every partygoer will have an up-close look at these amazing creatures – something they will never forget!

Halloween Monster Bash and Halloween Zombie Bash 

Of course, we wouldn't be AtmosFX if we didn't have birthday party suggestions that were, uh, at least Halloween flavored. For the birthday boys and girls who love the classic monsters (or zombies), the two digital decoration collections Halloween Monster Bash and Halloween Zombie Bash are a great way to get the kids moving. With different styles and music, just display on your wall or on your television and let the dancing begin!

And one last scary suggestion...

Oh, we couldn't resist. For a birthday decoration that is decidedly more scary, we point to the "Family Unit #1" scene from Macabre Manor. There, the evil twins enjoy a birthday cake in their honor – though "enjoy" is probably a poor word choice!

How do you use digital decorations to celebrate birthdays? Make sure to send us your photos and videos to community@ atmosfx.com!

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