AtmosFAN Transports Family to the Jurassic Era

One of the most common ways people digitally decorate is by projecting onto a window – bringing joy to neighbors and passers-by. But we admit, we always love to see the reverse – when creative decorators project into their house. That's what brings us to home of Dale Hughes in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, U.K.

Over the holidays, Dale sent us a video showing how his family gets into the spirit by projecting AtmosFX's Christmas Carolers Digital Decoration into his house. Now, a few months later, he's using a different digital decoration to create a totally new environment. Or perhaps we should say an 'old' environment.

"I turned my house into a time machine for my kids and took them back to the Jurassic era," Dale says. "They were not scared at all and now we have the neighborhood kids asking to go in the 'time machine.'"

For Dale, setting up his time machine was a simple process. By hanging a white cotton bedsheet on the outside of his window, Dale was able to DIY the projection material. (Our fans have had varying degrees of success creating DIY versions of AtmosFX Projection Materials – type of material, how dark it is, the projector's lumen count, all factor into a successful display.)

Next, Dale outfitted his projector with a media player and an SD card with AtmosFX's Dinosaur Encounter Digital Decoration loaded onto it. Then he placed the projector in a waterproof box and set it in his garden, where he projected into his house to create his time machine.

We thought you might enjoy this additional video Dale also sent us.

You'll forgive us if we say that it looks like Dale is using his children as bait, luring the hungry Velociraptors to the window for an easy snack. But that is hardly the case, he tells us: His children loved it. And the neighboring kids, too: They kept coming back for more!

Great work Dale – way to think outside the box. Or, shall we say, outside the house? Either way, we love it!

How do you like to digitally decorate? Inside or out, this epoch or another, send us your photos and videos to Or, better yet, provide your photos and videos through our new AtmosFAN Hall of Hame submission form here! We want to be inspired by your creativity!

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