Atmosfan’s Halloween Display Is Perfect for January

With the busyness of the holiday season behind us, it is time to settle in for the winter, curl up in a cozy spot, and relax. For us, we've got plenty to keep us busy – we have countless photos and videos of your digital decorations still to be looked at! It is sort of like Santa left his sack of toys on our rooftop, and now we have an entire year to root through it. And we'll enjoy every minute of it.

The first out of the bag is a clever last-minute Halloween adjustment from Robert Krissel of Louisville, Colorado. And, as you will see, his digital display is as timely here in January as it was this past October.

Robert has been delighting his neighbors during Halloween with AtmosFX Digital Decorations for years. In the past, he's utilized Zombie Invasion! to make it appear that the undead were about to break out from his house. Or, another year, with a single eye from Eerie Eyes in each upstairs window and a giant mouth at the garage, Robert created a house-size monster. But before he could plan his display this year, his Colorado home was hit with a ton of early-season snow. What to do?

Well, when you get a ton of snow, you might as well work with it.

"I've always wanted to project something on our driveway to make it seem like the cement was giving away to something beneath, like a cave or the pits of hell or something," Robert tells us. He figured he might be able to place his projector in the upstairs window and project onto the driveway. The angle wasn't quite right – but it was for the snowy ground in his front yard. So he placed his projector atop a speaker mount and put it as high as it would go and adjusted the keystone accordingly. Then, Robert found some footage online of ground breaking away that had an alpha background, which enabled him to edit one big Eerie Eye underneath it.

As you can see, the effect works great – especially the darker it gets. Robert also says he projected the spiders from Creepy Crawlies 2 coming out of that same projected "hole," and the effect was similarly cool.

Great work Robert! And one of the things we love about this digital display – there's no reason you have to do this just for Halloween! It seems like anyone who has some snow in their yard now has the opportunity to give a good scare to their friends and neighbors!

We are continuing to go through the countless Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and other holiday photos and videos that have been sent to us in the past few months – and we can't wait to share them with you! If you haven't yet sent your digital displays, it is not too late! It's easy – you can do so with this easy submission form here!

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