AtmosFAN’s Unique Take on the Christmas Display

Sometimes we come across a display that is just so joyful and goofy, we can’t stop watching it over and over again. In our view, we are not necessarily looking for the most beautiful or most elaborate digital display – it’s just gotta have spirit.

And that’s certainly the case with the video sent to us by Amanda Mullarkey of Naperville, Illinois. Displayed on the broadside of her house during this recent Christmas season, Amanda put together a projection display that is irreverent as it is charming.

As you can see, Amanda edited together numerous classic Christmas-themed AtmosFX Digital Decorations, like Virtual Christmas Tree, Enchanted Snowman, Santa’s Sleigh Ride and, um, Dinosaur Encounter. Many more, too! As well, she added audio and animation she found on YouTube. (Please note: Copying and displaying images taken from the internet can be a copyright violation.) When all mixed together, it is so much unexpected fun!

Amanda tells us that she first heard about AtmosFX when she saw an article about how AtmosFX SuperFAN Lyle Coram made it appear that dinosaurs had invaded his house. That was the spark that started it all – she said she soon was in contact with other decorators, trading ideas and concepts through Facebook’s AtmosFX Decorating Community users group, among others. Not long after that, she was building additional digital decorating skills, like learning video-editing software such as Blender. She said she started work on this year’s display after Thanksgiving, working on it bit-by-bit each day.

In addition to continuing to work on her video-editing skills, Amanda plans for an even more expansive display next year. For starters, she plans to build an outdoor enclosure for her projector next year. This year Amanda stashed her projector in her car – with an inflatable Minnie Mouse in the driver’s seat – and parked it in a location where she could best project onto her house. That’s one way to keep your projector dry and safe!

Great work Amanda! We love your go-getter attitude when it comes to developing skills and creating a memorable Christmas display. And the result is great – we can see why your neighbors love it. We certainly do!

What holidays do you decorate for? Christmas? Valentine’s Day? Dinosaur Day? Every day is worth celebrating! And when you do, make sure to send us your photos and videos here!

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