AtmosFANs Share Three Different Takes on Home Decorating

Since it is the week before Christmas, we thought we’d add a few extra goodies under the tree. After all, why limit ourselves to just one AtmosFAN when we can highlight three?!

This week, we thought we’d show you three different takes on a home decoration display for the Christmas holiday. Each presentation takes a different approach on decorating a house – on the outside, on the inside, and even a gingerbread house. And as fate would have it, all three – Lonnie West, Lyle Coram and Robert Holland – have previously been honored as AtmosFANs of the Week. Clearly, they all are staying in fine form!

Decorating Your House from the Outside

You’ll likely recognize Lonnie West’s name from just last week, when we highlighted his clever use of an exercise ball to display Enchanted Snowman in “snowglobe mode.” (You can see that here.) But that video was just a test run, and we wanted to see how it looked in the wild. And it looks great – he says it has become the centerpiece of his entire home display. But, of course, there is so much to look at here! We love it all – from the Christmas Carolers in one window and Yuletide Window in another. And Santa’s Sleigh Ride is HUGE! In fact, each time we watch Lonnie’s video, we see another digital decoration that we hadn’t seen before. That ensures it is always captivating!

Decorating Your House from the Inside

Several years ago, Lyle Coram was the first person to send us a video that displayed someone projecting into their house. Since then, he’s sent us some really magical displays that show the potential of digital decorating when you are thinking outside the box! (Including this one, which blew up on social media back in early 2018.) In the video above, Lyle uses Winter Wonderland, one of our oldest digital decorations, to make it appear that his Las Vegas home is knee-deep in snow. (Best of both worlds, right?!)

Decorating Your Gingerbread House

We always love it when we see people using digital decorations at their workplace. That’s how we first learned of Robert Holland – he uses them to decorate his holiday office party (Here you can see the blogpost of last year). He used all sorts of digital decorations for this year’s party, but we particularly loved what he did to his gingerbread house. As you can see, he was able to fit an Amazon Fire 7 inside, and then display Night Before Christmas and Enchanted Snowman (among others). It is such a great way to add a little surprise to what is already a cool looking gingerbread house! Adding subtle touches like this are the types of things people remember!

Yes, Christmas is just around the corner, but we'll continue to share our favorite Christmas-themed displays well past the Big Day! (We’ll be sharing Halloween and other holidays, too!) Inspire others by sending your photos and videos to our handy AtmosFX Submission Form!

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