AtmosFANs Take Snowglobe Mode Global

Two weeks ago we introduced to the world our newest holiday-themed digital decoration, Enchanted Snowman. And in that short time, thanks to our most dedicated AtmosFANs capturing him on video, we see that he is getting around!

In so many of these videos, we have noticed that they are displayed in "Snowglobe Mode." This, of course, is the unique display mode that is perfect for projecting on circles and spheres. Essentially, each of the five individual decorations in Enchanted Snowman are re-imagined as though they take place amidst the swirling flurries of a snowglobe.

We think this new mode is pretty cool. And apparently others do too, because we are seeing a lot of it. This week we want to highlight three different ways our clever AtmosFANs have chosen to display our newest digital decoration in Snowglobe Mode.

On a Large Hoop


When the folks in the AtmosFX Developmental Dungeon were first creating Snowglobe Mode, this is how they first imagined it – built on a large hoop with projection material strung taught. Chester Keeton of Henrico, Virgina, has done a great job realizing exactly that. He says it took him just a couple of days to build the snow globe, which has quickly become the centerpiece of his entire decoration display. We love how he's projecting through the window, which is great for keeping the projector hidden, dry and safe. "Cars are slowing down to watch," Chester tells us.

On an Exercise Ball

It was on Facebook's AtmosFX Decorating Community users group where someone posted a question pondering the use of a large exercise ball to create a snowglobe effect. Lonnie West, of Springhill, Kansas, quickly accepted the challenge. Using the exercise ball and the base that came with it, he quickly created a quality snow globe effect in his living room. And, not surprisingly, it looks even better as part of a full Christmas digital decoration display outside his home! "It was a hit," he tells us.

On a Hologram Fan


This is a little different, because Norman Lopez of Jersey City, New Jersey, isn’t projecting onto a circle or sphere – he’s projecting on what appears to be thin air! Here, Norman is presenting Enchanted Snowman through the use of a holographic projection fan. (This is different that AtmosFX’s Hollusion Mode, another clever illusion.) Essentially, these are fans that, as they spin, they create the illusion of a three-dimensional display. It looks great, and Norman tells us that everyone who sees it are amazed – especially the kids! “It is very unique and the videos play a key part of it,” he adds. 

Oh, and before we forget: Our recently released digital decoration Halloween Moon also has a mode that is designed to be projected on spheres and circles! So make sure to save whatever you are using for your snowglobe this season and bust it out next October!


It is that time of year! Whether you are creating a single decoration like a snowglobe effect, or decorating acres upon acres, we know there are tens of thousands of digital decorators out there creating mind-blowing Christmas digital displays! Make sure to send us your photos and videos through our easy-to-use AtmosFAN Submission Form. And while you're on the site, check out what other AtmosFANs have created!

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