Three AtmosFANs Break the Rules (A Good Thing!)

We admit, the whole point of decorating with AtmosFX Decorations is breaking the rules. It’s probably our favorite thing about doing what we do – seeing how our most imaginative AtmosFANs choose to use AtmosFX Decorations. And more specifically, when they choose to use them in ways we never imagined!

Today, we’d like to depart from the typical AtmosFAN of the Week format to share three videos from inspired AtmosFANs who are thinking outside the box. All of the videos are short and, in least one case, the decorations are in test phase. But they all are great examples of how to re-think where, and how, to creatively utilize AtmosFX Decorations.

Outside Looking In

This past holiday season, when Dale Hughes sought to bring the Christmas spirit into his home, he did so by projecting from outside of it. Using the Christmas Carolers Decoration Collection, Dale brought the warmth of Victorian-era carolers into his home without ever having to open the front door. We love it almost as much as his children do!

Burning Creativity

This past Halloween season, Chris Thompson took an unused fireplace and turned it into something both comforting ... and creepy. Chris placed an old monitor into his fireplace and then played the “Flames from Hell” scene from AtmosFX’s oldest decoration, Triple Thrill Pack. The result is a calming environment – until flaming skulls arise from the embers!

A Christmas Tree Chimera

Typically, we will see fans project onto mist walls during Halloween, but Jonathan Lenhardt gave it a go for Christmas. In this test video, Jonathan projected the Virtual Christmas Tree Decoration Collection onto a mist wall, creating a merry Christmas mirage. As Jonathan continues to experiment, we can’t wait to see what he comes up with next holiday season.

Are you using AtmosFX Decorations in unconventional ways? You should be! Inspire the rest of us by sending your photos and videos using this simple online submission form. Not only will you inspire decorators around the world, but you may be named the next AtmosFAN of the Week, like Dale, Chris and Jonathan!

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