AtmosFAN’s Italian Designs are Bellissimo!

Sure, like just about everyone, we are suckers for Italian design. So when Michele N. sent us this video simply loaded with props, props, and more props – we were pretty sure we’d gone to Halloween heaven. Or, at least, Udine, Italy! This video is exactly what you need to see if you are looking to get into the workshop and create something special for October!

What can we say about this, beyond admitting that we’ve watched it over and over. And over again!

There are so many great props in here, all of which are expertly crafted. In so many cases, this is a wonderful showcase of how effectively a monitor or tablet can be hidden when you build a compelling artifice around it. That is the case with the artificial fireplace with Triple Thrill Pack and Inferno decoration collections displayed on it. And it is certainly true for the mysterious ancient book that has the Eerie Eyes Decoration Collection peeking out of it.

And the above is true, can we talk about the wall of framed mirrors? That is one of the most spectacular effects we have seen! Using framed one-way mirrors with tablets behind the glass, Michele is able to make it appear that not just one of the mirrors is haunted – but many of them are! (And we love that many, but not all, display the effect – making the viewer always wonder which mirror might be the next to frighten them!)

The three “framed” artworks on the wall that showcase UnLiving Portraits and UnLiving Portraits: Halloween Hosts decoration collections look great, as well. Here, Michele appears to be projecting onto the wall, where the frames are situated in exactly the right position to sell the effect. Those two decorations are perfect companions, because once you mount the frames for one of the decorations, the other fits in precisely the same slot. Double the content!

And we could go on. And on! But we’d rather watch Michele’s video again. And you should, too!

Are you building a cool Halloween prop? Maybe you have perfected something from a previous Halloween. Past or future, we want to see it! Send your photos and videos using this easy submission form and you may become the next AtmosFAN of the Week! Not only will you inspire others around the globe, you will also earn points redeemable at the store, and potentially win a free decoration collection!

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