Great Ways to Display ‘Hall of Haunts’

It’s Halloween season – a time for ghosts. And while AtmosFX has conjured up its share of truly spectacular phantasms, spirits and specters – its newest decoration, Hall of Haunts, is a whole ’nother order of awesome.

Like all Halloween-themed AtmosFX Decorations, Hall of Haunts is loaded with otherworldly spirits. But there’s a twist. Instead of ghosts being front-and-center, in Hall of Haunts Decoration the setting is the star!

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Through this exquisitely detailed decoration, you’ll see furniture move unexpectedly, or perhaps float gently in the air. Hovering ghosts waft through the halls, perhaps taking shelter from the wind, rain and lightning. Hall of Haunts is an immersive haunted environment that is the perfect upgrade to any haunted Halloween decoration display.

So what are some great ways to use it? We are certain that the always clever Halloween decorators will show us countless new ways to use Hall of Haunts Decoration. But, to get the creative juices flowing, we have a few great ideas to start you off.

Plays Well with Others

Before we share some ideas on where to display Hall of Haunts, we want to share one important idea that is true regardless how you display it. That is this: Hall of Haunts has been designed to play well with other AtmosFX Decorations. While this decoration will assuredly captivate audiences displayed by itself, there are great opportunities to use it in conjunction with other AtmosFX Decorations. After all, you may recognize some of the strange spirits within these walls!

Project Hall of Haunts on a wall and add your favorite character on a 3DFX form to create your own haunted house.

Indeed, some of the ghosts, goblins and spirits that are present in Hall of Haunts also haunt other AtmosFX Decorations. That gives you a great opportunity to develop themes and reinforce ideas elsewhere in your Halloween display. For instance, if a viewer spots a framed painting in Hall of Haunts that appears to be moving, and then steps inside your house to see an actual display of UnLiving Portraits Decoration, they will likely believe they truly have stepped into a haunted mansion! Or, as your viewers watch a series of spirits fly though Hall of Haunts, set up a nearby Hollusion effect featuring the ‘Seductive Siren’ from Phantasms Decoration to double-down on the haunting!

A Window Into Another World

For obvious reasons, people who want to set a dramatic scene in their Halloween display will find that Hall of Haunts Decoration is perfect for their window. As with all AtmosFX Decorations, when you display in your window, you are essentially inviting everyone in your community to take a peek into your house. And when Hall of Haunts is displayed, they’ll see that a lot of strange things are going on!

For those unfamiliar, it’s easy to set up a Window Mode display. Find the best window (or windows!) in your home – preferably large ones that people will see from the sidewalk. Then place Window Projection Material across the window, stretching it tight so that there are no wrinkles. Then set up your projector inside, and turn on Hall of Haunts so that the projection covers the entire window. That’s it!

Because the material is semi-opaque, people outside the house will no longer be able to see inside your house, but rather the projected image. In the case of Hall of Haunts, that means it will appear that you have remodeled your interior in the fashion of an aging – and haunted – mansion. You should expect that a crowd will gather to watch as stone busts come to life, candelabras defying gravity, and swarms of spirits flying throughout the house.

Hall of Haunts serves as a perfect complement, as well, for those decorators who like to create haunted Halloween scenes in the front yard. The decoration works great with ghosts, animatronics and, of course, other AtmosFX Decorations. And because Window Mode displays are back-projected, you can be confident that all of your hard work in the front yard will not cast a shadow on the Hall of Haunts display.

One last thing for those who want to take their window display up yet another notch. The Mad Geniuses in the AtmosFX Developmental Dungeon have added a cool feature for displaying on windows – left and right versions of Hall of Haunts. That means decorators who have narrow windows, or windows with bars in the center, will have options to adjust their window display just right. It’s also a great option for decorators who want to project on two different windows with two different projectors.

Transform Any Wall With Ease

An easy way to display Hall of Haunts – one that has great impact – is to project it on a surface. Any surface! Because this decoration is designed to create the sensation that the viewer is about to enter a seriously haunted building, that probably means the surface will be a wall. (Though we are sure some clever decorator will find a way to convincingly display it on a floor or ceiling – and we can’t wait to see that!)

Here, we’ll focus on walls. Hall of Haunts looks great on any wall, large or small, inside or out. The real trick is make sure your display is proportionate for whatever you are trying to achieve. For instance, if you are decorating for a Halloween party, try to display it on the entire wall. This will make the display feel life-size, creating the feeling that the partygoers are truly in a haunted space. Similarly, if you have a huge outdoor Halloween display with large ghosts and animatronics, then you will want to go bigger – on the garage door or the side of the house, for example.

There are two important things to remember about projecting on walls. By definition, surface projections mean that you cannot back-project onto them – walls are solid! That means it is very easy to have things – props, landscaping, trick-or-treaters, partygoers – that cast a shadow onto your projection. To solve this, try to place your projector up high where you can still get a big and bold projection, but nothing will get in the way to ruin the effect. And if you can disguise or hide that projector up high, the better!

Secondly, remember that if you are using other AtmosFX Decorations in your display in addition to a surface projection of Hall of Haunts, be extra careful that the light from one projection does not affect the light from another. For instance, if you were to set up a Hollusion Mode display in front of the Wall Mode display, the “spillover” light from the Hollusion effect will wash-out your surface projection. (And your Hollusion won’t look great either!) To solve this, make sure to test-out where you will place each decoration, so that the light from one doesn’t affect the other!

TVs and Decorating Discs

TV Mode and Decorating Disc displays are another cool way to show off Hall of Haunts. Sure, they are different display modes, but they have similar uses. That is to say, both are smaller displays (compared to windows and walls) that can be used as stunning party decorations – or as a mesmerizing portal into a haunted world.

When displayed on a television, computer monitor or tablet, the incredibly detailed action of Hall of Haunts really comes to life. During a Halloween party, display it on a TV that might otherwise go unused – people will keep coming back to see what might have changed. Or, if you want to get a little more detailed, throw some curtains around the TV (perhaps even a fake window frame) to make it appear as though your TV is a window that looks into another world.

You can also display Hall of Haunts on an AtmosFX Decorating Disc. For the uninitiated, this is like having a lightweight and portable circular window, which you can place anywhere. Hall of Haunts has a mode optimized for the circular disc, meaning you can set it up nearly anywhere and project onto it – adding a uniquely stunning decoration to your party, in your window, or as part of your Halloween yard display.

The opportunities to display Hall of Haunts are truly endless – you are only limited by your imagination!

We know this is only the beginning of the great ways you can display Hall of Haunts Decoration. How might you use this decoration? Show us by sending your photos and videos using this easy submission form!

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