AtmosFAN Recreates Old Crone from ‘Witching Hour’

It should be no surprise that we’re obsessed with witches this week. Here, we bring you something that is equally obsessive – certainly when it comes to attention to detail. Michael W. of Feldkirchen-Westerham, Bavaria, Germany, has done something absolutely different than most AtmosFANs – he has made a physical re-creation of the digital hero of the Witching Hour Decoration Collection. We love it!

Each year, beginning October 1, Michael places this sculpture in his yard, along with a bouquet of autumn flowers, as well as pumpkin. For him, it’s a great way to usher in the Halloween season.

The head, hands, and shoes are made from modeling clay, which Michael then hardened in the oven once he got the shape he was looking for. Then, he painted the old crone with acrylic paints. The body is made from a wire frame, then lined with fabric. As for the hat, it is made of cardboard and also covered with fabric.Michael tells us that he’s been a fan of AtmosFX for a long time – and the sorceress from Witching Hour, specifically. “She is a special piece of jewelry,” he tells us. “Every year, I watch all of her videos and songs, and enjoy her magic.”

Well, we think your sculpture is magical! Well done, Michael!

What inspires you this October? No matter how you like to display your Halloween spirit, we want to see it! Send us your photos and videos using this simple online submission form and you might become the next AtmosFAN of the Week! Not only will you earn points for use in the AtmosFX online store just for submitting, but each person selected will receive a free digital decoration collection of their choice!

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