Four Fun Ways to Use Terrors from Beyond

As with all our decorations, projecting Terrors from Beyond onto a window looks amazing. If you have one of our Digital Decorating Kits, just hang the included material and you're ready to terrify the Home Owners Association! If you're going to use Terrors in a window, we recommend upgrading to our Premium Window Projection Material. The PWPM adheres directly onto the glass with static, so it will really look like the ghouls are pounding on the window. For more about applying PWPM to all shapes of windows, click here

However, there are a number of really easy ways to make other incredible displays.

1. Haunt Your Computer Screens

You can create a haunted TV or monitor where the wicked ghouls of Terrors from Beyond are trying to break through via your internet connection! They'd be quite the computer virus! There are a number of other ways to set this up. Check out this article from Make Use Of, that looks at the process and some products. The final effect pretty awesome and doesn't require a projector.  


2. Turn Tablets Terrifying

You may remember one of our AtmosFans of the Week, Michelle Geiger of Gainesville, Florida. Michelle framed a tablet, covered it in plexiglass and then applied one-way mirror film. The film is quite inexpensive ($10-$20 per roll) and is available from many online retailers. However, the final effect is very high-end! Here's the original example using Phantasms.

If you want some DIY ideas for a smaller tablet, try using a bit of mesh to simulate a page in a book or make a cover for a "haunted tome" similar to the one made by another of our AtmosFans, Sahara Sears. 

3. Make Mirrors into an Otherworldly Portal

Mirror mirror on the wall! To create a larger haunted mirror effect, use your TV. One of the advantages of a TV is that it can be used in a much brighter environment than most projectors so you have a lot of choices for placement. The technique for framing the TV is very similar to the one we laid out in Step-by-Step: Build Your Own ‘UnLiving Portrait’ Gallery but the mirror really adds a startling twist.

4. Combine Decorations to Make a Story

Though Terrors from Beyond is a stand-alone product, it also works great as part of a larger narrative. For instance, you could combine Paranormal Passage on a wall with Terrors playing in a nearby window to create an environment where you are surrounded by otherworldly menaces. 

If you're feeling even more creative, you could "end" the story of the Terrors pressing against the barrier between worlds with the sound of breaking glass and a sudden blackout! There are a ton of additional sound effects you can download for free from the Internet. 

Digital decorating with Terrors from Beyond can be as simple or as involved as you want. Whatever your situation, this decoration is sure to create a big effect. 

How are you going to use Terrors from Beyond?  We'd love to hear from you in the comments below, or send photos and videos to You could even win AtmosFan of the Week!

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