Four Fun Ways to Use ‘Terrors from Beyond’

AtmosFX is known for its strange Halloween characters. But when it comes to the unusual spirits that inhabit Terrors from Beyond Decoration Collection, it is safe to say that “Beyond” is an understatement. Wherever these creations came from, it is certainly weirder than that.

Good news is, it doesn’t matter where these strange characters came from. What matters is how you use them. And that’s another thing AtmosFX is known for — making sure that there are many ways to astound your friends and neighbors with mind-blowing decoration displays.

The Scream Time YouTube channel does a great job of showing in-use examples of many AtmosFX Decorations.

But first, let’s start with this caveat. Because Terrors from Beyond was designed to look as though strange creatures are pushing up against an invisible barrier that keeps them from breaking into this earthly plain, we know projecting on windows is a display technique that is perfect for this. And indeed, it does look amazing. You should really display it this way!

But for those who want to consider a few other — but still totally amazing —ways to display this decoration, we have a few ideas for you.

Haunt Your Computer Screens

You can create a haunted TV or monitor where the wicked ghouls of Terrors from Beyond are trying to break through via your internet connection. They’d be quite the computer virus! There are a number of other ways to set this up. Check out this article from Make Use Of, that looks at the process and some products. The final effect pretty awesome and doesn’t require a projector.  


Turn Tablets Terrifying

You may remember one of our AtmosFANs of the Week, Michelle Geiger of Gainesville, Florida. Michelle framed a tablet, covered it in plexiglass and then applied one-way mirror film. The film is quite inexpensive ($10-$20 per roll) and is available from many online retailers. However, the final effect is very high-end! Here's the original example using AtmosFX’s Phantasms Decoration Collection. Needless to say, Terrors from Beyond would look equally great!

And below, you can see a great example of someone using a tablet featuring Terrors From Beyond to create a creepy chest! 

Make Mirrors into an Otherworldly Portal

Mirror mirror on the wall! To create a larger haunted mirror effect, use your TV. One of the advantages of a TV is that it can be used in a much brighter environment than most projectors, so you have a lot of choices for placement. The technique for framing the TV is very similar to the one we laid out in Step-by-Step: Build Your Own ‘UnLiving Portrait’ Gallery but the mirror really adds a startling twist.

Create Custom Props

While Terrors From Beyond already looks great projected onto Hollusion Projection Material, you can easily add a frame or some lights to make it look like these creatures are trying to break out of a window pane on your front lawn.

And if you don't want to create your own prop and don't yet have a Decorating Disc XL, you can just project onto a room diver or Shoji screen for an awesome effect as well!

Decorating with Terrors from Beyond can be as simple or as involved as you want. Whatever your situation, this decoration is sure to create a big effect. 

How are you going to use Terrors from Beyond? Send photos and videos to us using this simple online form. You could even win AtmosFAN of the Week!

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