Two Terrific Props Using Old Monitors

Michelle G. and her family lives in a Gainesville, Florida, neighborhood that is known for having a festive Halloween atmosphere – she tells us that she received between 400 and 600 kids this year. “I typically buy a couple hundred dollars worth of candy,” she says, “but we ran out by 7:30 and had to resort to recycling my kids’ candy and passing out flavor pops.”

As a longtime AtmosFAN, Michelle and her family have been decorating for several years, typically adding new props each year. We want to focus on two clever creations that take advantage of unused computer monitors. Both are stunning displays that are easy to build and reassemble year after year.

We’re particularly enamored with the 8-foot-by-9-foot false wall Michelle used as a backdrop for a Halloween party table. She started with some wood panels and wainscot panels, some 2x4s for support and some decorative contact paper. Michelle then cut a hole to fit an 18-inch monitor, covered it with plexiglass and then applied one-way mirror film. Then, she mounted a frame. When she runs Phantasms on the screen behind the wall, the mysterious spirit floating in the mirror is positively mesmerizing. She tells us she’s no carpenter, but we beg to differ!

We also want to highlight a second prop Michelle created, which she says “was the easiest thing ever.” She placed another 18-inch monitor in a second-hand trunk, and then adorned it with creepy odds-and-ends, like a costume hand, a chain and more. When she plays Eerie Eyes on the screen, it becomes a simple, yet captivating, Halloween prop.

For these clever creations, Michelle, we name you AtmosFAN of the Week!

Still haven’t sent us a video of your 2017 Halloween display? There’s still time! In fact, we can’t get enough! Send your photo and videos to us using this simple online submission form and you could be the next AtmosFAN of the Week!

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