Cool Gadgets? This AtmosFAN Has Them All

We love a cool DIY gadget as much as the next person – and given what Randell V. and his brother Rommel of Davis, Calif., put together each year, you get the sense that just about everyone in the city does, too!

“I’m pretty sure we are the go-to house in Yolo County,” Randell tells us.

It’s not hard to see why. Randell’s Halloween display is a glorious example of organized mayhem – DIY Halloween props running amok everywhere, and many where you’d least expect them. For example, there’s a remote-control zombie that pops out of a curbside garbage can, just waiting for unsuspecting victims to stop by. “We make our own remote control zombie robots that move into the street to scare those too afraid to make it to the house,” he tells us.

Of course, being AtmosFX, we are particularly drawn to the fog wall that is placed above the front door. Any trick-or-treater who wants to grab some candy from the trick-or-treat bowl has to walk through a projected spirit – in this case, the ‘Wicked Wraith’ from Phantasms Decoration Collection.

Randell has other AtmosFX Decorations elsewhere, including a custom-framed digital ‘painting‘ from UnLiving Portraits Decoration Collection. And several AtmosFX Decorations are a part of his large projection-mapping display on the side of his house – you can see Paranormal Passages Decoration Collection above.

And lastly, it doesn’t have anything to do with AtmosFX, but who doesn’t love a Silly String–shooting trick-or-treat bowl? Genius! We love the good-natured mischief Randell and his family has created – and we cannot wait to see what they create for this upcoming Halloween!

How are you preparing for the Halloween season? You are on the clock – it is in less than 75 days! Send us photos and videos of what you've created – or what you are working on – using this simple online submission form. Not only will you earn Kudos for use at, but you might become the next AtmosFAN of the Week, earning yourself a complete decoration collection!

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