Three AtmosFANs Build Three Cool Displays

Even though we are now deep into the holiday season, we are always looking for one more cool way to add a decoration to our winter holiday display. And if one is good, three is always better!

Below are three holiday decorations that, each in their own way, are great holiday creations that can instantly make your holiday decoration display even better – indoors or out.

Christmas Village

Miniature Christmas villages are always a hit during the holiday season, and we’ve published several articles showing how easy it can be to add some unexpected flair to them using a tablet or smartphone. Still, Sue Williams of McHenry, Illinois, could teach us some things! She has three phones livening-up her miniature village, featuring three digital decorations: Virtual Christmas Tree, Night Before Christmas and Santa’s Workshop. These dynamic decorations take her display to another level.

Stunning Snowglobe

We have been seeing a lot of great holiday decoration displays using “Snowglobe Mode,” and while we love them all, what Janice Jimenez sent from San Antonio, Texas, is among our favorites. Why? She’s done a great job hiding the projector, which simply demands that the viewer pay attention to her magical snowglobe that appears to contain the charming Enchanted Snowman. Presentation is the key – and Janice nailed it!

Holiday Hearth

We all love a cozy fire on a winter evening, and for this reason, we’ll always have warm feelings for anyone who uses the “Holiday Hearth” individual decoration from Night Before Christmas and actually creates a hearth to display it! That’s exactly what Christine Glody of Lake Zurich, Illinois, did so well. It didn’t take much time out of her holiday schedule, either. “It took about 15 minutes to cut a shower curtain to size, install it in the hearth, and set up and play the projector,” Christine tells us. Perfect!

To all three of you, great stuff! We love how you’ve shown us how easy it can be to add digital decorations to your holiday decorating – and how good such decorations can look!

How are the rest of you decorating for the holiday season? We want to see it! Send your photos and videos to us using this simple online form and you might just be the next AtmosFAN of the Week!

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