AtmosFAN’s Display Has a Little Bit of Everything

With a month to go before Halloween, this is the time we are always looking for more examples, more ideas, more clever ways to display more digital decorations. For that reason, we were delighted to receive this submission from Ian Moore of Surrey, British Columbia – it has a little bit of everything, all done to perfection.

If you were counting – and we were! – Ian has brought together multiple display techniques, all of which work really well together. We see two different types of prop mode displays, window projection and a great large-scale back projection in his garage. And while we are always drawn to digital decorations (can you blame us?), Ian has also made great use of physical props, dramatic lighting and wads of simulated spider webbing. Everything comes together quite well.

Ian says he’s got six different projectors running at one time, three of them short-throw high-definition projectors. All told, it takes Ian about four weeks to set everything up. Ian says there’s nobody else in his neighborhood that uses digital decorations, which makes him a must-stop destination in his community. Last year, he says more than 3,000 people came to see his Halloween display.

We particularly like the prop mode display featuring the Boo Crew ghosts. He built his own forms on which to project the chatty spirits, and they really do seem to come alive … if you can even say that about ghosts! (Typically, you can buy a 3DFX Form on the AtmosFX website if you don’t want to build your own. Unfortunately, they are completely sold out for 2020, so your best bet is to search for a fan tutorial online and learn to build one.)

We’d also be remiss to not mention the great back-projection Ian deploys in his garage. He stretched 16-feet of projection material across his open garage door. This allows him to not only keep his projector safe from the October weather, but it gives him a huge canvas onto which he can project Halloween Zombie Bash. And if we know anything, when those zombies get to shakin’ their tail, it’s hard for everyone else to not join in!

Great job, Ian – you’ve created a lively Halloween display where, we are sure, those 3,000 visitors will not leave disappointed!

What are you creating for this Halloween? It is only a month away! Send us your photos and videos of your creations using this simple form – you will inspire so many Halloween fans!

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